Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vuboq's Birthday Eve Eve

Need a few things to do to while away the hours on Vuboq's Birthday Eve Eve?

First, repeat steps 1-4 of yesterday's entry as needed.

Second, take a few moments to read this article to see why several "power" bloggers have temporarily misplaced their senses of humor and have gotten their collective panties all in a knot:

Stating the Obvious by Garrison Keillor

Check out Famous Author Rob Byrnes' blog for his commentary and links to "the knotted."

Seriously, shouldn't more people be pissed off about Marine General Pace's hate speech than a -rather boring- piece of obvious satire written by a well-known humorist?

Which brings us to the subject of humor ... How do we know what is funny and what isn't?

As I read my story to the class last night, there were several instances in which everyone in the class laughed. As I was writing the story, my intention was to be witty and clever, not laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe it's funnier read aloud than when I read it silently to myself? Or maybe I'm too close to the story?

Which raises the additional question: How does a writer distance himself from his work to know what is funny and what isn't?

The class and instructor responded positively to the story, as well as pointing out some sections which need to be tidied up or expanded. I *heart* constructive criticism ... which is something I need to work on. I can finger sections of people's writing that I'm not overly pleased with, but I can't articulate how I think it would be better.

When I got home from class, I was on a "woo hoo they liked my story" high, and -thus- had difficulty falling asleep. In the end, I came up with an idea for a new story which I handwrote on the pad I keep beside my bed. I haven't tried to read it yet. I hope my handwriting is legible enough to make out. One never knows with late night scribbles.



  1. I run into the situations that people find my thing funny while I don't. :-) I have no idea how the universe works.

    But that's good that you had this difficulty to fall asleep :-) I mean that is one of the exciting moments even if you have to sacrifice beauty sleeping time :-) Happy writing.

    PS Thanks for the instructions of your B-day thingy. :-P

  2. Let me just sing. "Happy Birthday Vuboq!" Can I have the celebratory martini now?

  3. On the Keillor front: some of those fags just need to calm the fuck down. Please. My favorite celebrity quote on this topic was from Richard Chamberlain, who said recently on TV that he'd finally realized that his sexuality was really only interesting to him. Go, Richard.

    Being funny on paper is much more difficult than being funny in person. Speaking gives one a whole range of vocal inflection; when writing one has to hope the reader's not A MORON.

    Happy Vuboq's Birthday Eve Eve! *smoooooch!*