Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Soundtrack of My Life ...

... is filled with a lot of songs which I don't understand.

Stolen from GayProf [Long May He Be the Most Desired Man on the Blogosphere!], apparently you hit the random shuffle button on your iTunes and use those songs as your soundtrack. Here's mine:

Opening Credits: “Heli Meli” by Hamid el-Shaeri from the Arabic Groove CD. I have no idea what they are singing, but it’s peppy. Like me. No one knows what I’m saying, but I’m peppy … after my first 3 cups of coffee.

Waking Up: A song in Chinese by Taiwanese Pop Star and Super Cutie-Patootie Jay Chou [He was in Curse of the Golden Flower]. The problem with my iTunes library is that it has a lot of songs in languages I don’t understand. The problem with this song in particular [Track 4 of Jay’s second album] is that it’s slow and soothing. Not conducive to me getting out of bed.

First Day of School: “Bridge of Dreams” by Mario Frangoulis. At 17 the bridge of dreams can reach across forever … I really think this song is about a kid losing his virginity to a prostitute. Hm. Symbolic? Perhaps. You look forward to school, eagerly awaiting the first day. Finally that day arrives, and you are utterly disappointed. Not like that was anything like my first sexual experience. This is such a crap song. Mario needs to concentrate on singing in Greek and Italian. His English songs suck. Same goes for you, Shakira.

Falling in Love: “What It Feels Like for a Girl” by Madonna. Does iTunes know I’m gay?

First Song: “Kimi ha TV-ko” by THE BOOM. “You are a TV Child?” I don’t get it. Of course, I also barely understand what they are singing. The first line is something like, “Our first date was kinda weird.” [Unless I completely misunderstood it, which is very likely.]

Breaking Up: “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. My lonely days are gone, huh? My iTunes is fucked.

Prom: “Eiga Mitai ni” by Fujii Fumiya. “I Want to Watch a Movie.” That’s probably where I was, actually … [at least for my Senior Prom. I went to my Junior Prom. It was stupid.]

Driving: “We Both Reached for the Gun” from Chicago Soundtrack. Road rage much?

Flashback: “Sanshain” by Spitz. “Sunshine.” This is off of the first CD I bought when I lived in Japan. I love Spitz. Not sure what this song is about, other than sunshine. Pretty images though.

Starting a New Relationship: “Tal Vez” by Ricky Martin. I don’t know what this song is about either. But it’s RICKY. MARTIN. Love. Him. It sounds like a drippy love song though, so it works for me here.

Wedding: “Afro” by Erykah Badu. “You need to pick your afro daddy, because it’s flat on oneside.” Apparently, I’m marrying a man with an afro who cheats on me. Anyone surprised?

Birth of Child: “Tsuki no Mado” by Shibata Jun. “The Moon’s Window.” It would probably help with the analysis if I could understand the lyrics to the songs in my library, huh? And, sweetie, I’m pretty sure it’s not mine.

Final Battle: “Haminguba-do” by Moto (Gen?) Chitose. “Hummingbird.” This song is probably not appropriate for a battle scene. Lots of “do-do-do-do-doots.” I do *heart* this song. It’s way fun. Just like a final battle scene should be.

Death Scene: “Un Anima Sola – Ave Maria” by Mario Frangoulis. I’m OK dying to “Ave Maria.”

Funeral Song: Yet another Chinese Song by an artist whose name I can’t remember. The title has “angel” in it, so I’m sure it’s about me going to Heaven and surrounded by hot muscled men for eternity. That must be it.

End Credits: “Susume Namakemono” by Saito Kazuyoshi. “Susume” mean something like “to go forward” or “to move forward” and “namakemono” is “a lazy person.” So, go forward lazy people! You’re never going to get back the few minutes it took you to read this post.


  1. I like that your soundtrack has so many songs of which you don't the words.

    I really think this song is about a kid losing his virginity to a prostitute.

    Hey, the meme never said what type of school you were attending.

  2. Your iTunes IS fucked! Damn!