Thursday, March 08, 2007

In the End

In the end, the snow stopped. The sidewalks and roads were clear, or at least clear enough. So, I ate dinner and headed to class. It was good.


it would seem that I have volunteered to read aloud another story for next week.

The problem?

I don't have another story.

Well, I have a story idea floating in my head and about 3 pages of scribbled notes to myself - written on the metro, written in the middle of the night, written when I had an idea that I didn't want to forget.

Starting today, I will attempt to pull together those ideas into something more cohesive. *egh* I told the instructor I would email him about my progress on Sunday. Deadlines. Deadlines are good.

The problem I have with writing is that I come up with some -IMHO- interesting ideas, yet I can't translate those ideas into an actual story. I feel like I am writing a scene, a snapshot of someone's life. And, whenever I attempt to continue the scene, I fall into the Land of Bland, where everything is too typical, maudlin, cliche ...

Something to work on, I guess.

Oh. I found a copy of The Grapes of Wrath. very. excited.


  1. The Grapes of Wrath rocks. Seriously.

    I want to read your stories! You should post them here. Yessss.


  2. Wrath is depressing. Why were you so suddenly struck with the desire to read it?