Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ah. Spring.

Candy-colored trees
Vernal Equinox
These are the signs of Spring, for some.

Me? I have been too heavily influenced by my upbringing to rely solely on these signs from nature. For me, Spring has truly begun with the celebration of one of the most important events of the year ...

The Resurrection of Our Lord and Saviour, the Shirtless Soccer Player.

Yea, verily I say unto you, the first Shirtless Soccer Player was spotted yesterday evening at approximately 6:30PM.

And, there was much rejoicing. Spring has SPRUNG!


Meanwhile, on my way to my departing neighbor's happy hour in beautiful, happenin' downtown Silver Spring, I stopped off at Border's to buy Mika's CD, Life in Cartoon Motion. I know. I'm overbudget for March, but I blame GayProf and Scott-o-Rama, who won't shut up about (or quit stalking) Mika.

Fortunately, I could use some of my Borders Rewards Certificates. So, technically, I paid $1.54 for the CD [or $1,001.54, if you want to include all the credit card charges I had to make to get the certificates].

The happy hour was fun. I got to meet a couple of new neighbors. We drank. We talked. We had a good time.

I didn't get to bed until about midnight. I am ti(red). Lots to do today. Well, "lots" in the sense that I normally have nothing to do. Several email to answer, and, then, I must read all of the stories for class. GAH.
OH, and Mike has convinced me to take a beginning sewing class with him, starting in June. *woot*



  1. Oooh -- You won't regret your Mika choice.

  2. gayprof: I don't regret it at all. Love the CD. I forgot to mention that one of the reasons I am so ti(red) is because i stayed up late listening it.

  3. I simply cannot believe you're paying good money for a sewing class. I can't help it, it just makes me grumpy!

    I hope you really, really, really enjoy it and learn a lot - it'd better be worth it or I'll come beat up your instructor!


  4. Bwahahahahaha! My evil plan has worked. Buy Mika! Listen to Mika! Worship Mika!!!

  5. ti(red)? Have I missed something? Or is it a local expression or something?