Friday, March 09, 2007

The Weekend. It Approaches.

Good news, kittens! My federal and state refunds were deposited today! *WOOT!*
I'm going to deposit most of the money in savings and use some of it to get some artwork framed. YAY!

Here is a list of things I need to have framed (and how long I have owned them):

1. Lithograph of chili peppers (less than 6 months)
2. Golden Glow painting by Greenwich-based artist (3 years)
3. 2 paintings by Mongolian artist, Damba Tsolmon (at least 4 years) [My paintings are similar to this one.]
4. 2 paintings by Chinese student artists (purchased while I lived in Beijing, so ... um ... 8 years ago?)

My weekend plans, thus far are:
Friday - Happy Hour at Halo followed by dinner and possibly more drunken debauchery
Saturday - Seaming my sweater, cleaning the apartment, getting the chili pepper painting framed
Sunday - Meeting pab

In other news, I think there is a homeless man living under the bridge near my house.


  1. I am sure it is just an over-sight, but I don't see the giant 15x20 image of me on your list of framing.

  2. gayprof: Dude, I got that framed and hung over my bed as soon as I got it :-)