Saturday, March 24, 2007


Y'know. When I think about it, my life is pretty good. I have some of the most fantabulous friends EVER. And I have a home ( 2 bedrooms! 1 bath!). And I have a job (which is uninspiring, to say the least). And I have parents who love me. And a brother who is cool. And superfantastic relatives. And blog-readers, who I have never met in person, but who I know are the most AWESOME peoples ever. And a superfurry, always shedding psychokitty pussy for affection.

When I think about it, life is pretty damn good.
But why is it ... well, why is it that it doesn't always feel that way?
Why do I get sad? And why do I feel lonely?
Why does that happen?

Why do I think something is missing?
And what can I do to fill that missing piece?

Life. It's such a fucking pile of shit.

But, at least, I can spread the shit around, and beautiful things may grow.
Watered by my tears.


  1. Because we are human, that's why. Whenever I fall into a funk, I try to remind myself that there will be an opposite day ahead, where I'm in a fantastic mood for no reason at all.

  2. aw, always finding the silver lining! perhaps you should consider getting medicated! i hear it does wonders for the soul. i may try it soon. nothing like oblivion to help overcome existence. :)

  3. Apparently, having a job that sucks does a lot for one's opinion on life. Maybe it's time to go find something more fulfilling?

    But really, I think it boils down to perspective. Life is inherently meaningless; we only get out of it what we put in. And we invest so much in what other people tell us will make our lives worth something that it becomes hard to hear what we may already know to be true about ourselves, and what we really need to feel whole. My two cents.