Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I just realized I have like 5 stories to read and critique for our last class tomorrow.
How many have I read and critiqued?
Not 5.

Meanwhile ...

I ate the rest of my chocolate. It was SUPER-YUM. I want more.

Must. Resist.

*resistance is futile*

The weather's really nice and our office stinks of paint. I may have to venture outside for awhile.

I could read some of the stories then, but I am uninspired to do anything other than resemble my favorite vegetable.

Maybe I'll wander around the Borders for awhile ...


  1. Which vegetable is your favorite?

  2. at 2 for $5 you could eat a bar a day and still be within budget for the month! just do it.

    i'm guessing you're favorite vegetable is (are?) sting beans or kohlrabi. kohlrabi because of it's oddness.

  3. What is your favourite vegetable? I think mine would have to be the potato. So versatile and lovely.

    Sorry for same question as Goblinbox, but it just proves what a thought provoking man you are...and how our great minds think alike.

  4. goblinbox, diablo, and only me: My favorite vegetable is ... broccoli. YUM.