Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lunchtime in Vutopia

Today's lunch: vegan tunafish* sandwich on whole wheat with spring greens and CHEETOS. Mmm.

On my way back from Whole Foods, where I purchased:

vegan tunafish* salad
spring greens
roma tomatoes
tzitziki (tsitsiki?)
whole wheat bread
spiraly pasta
paper towels

[all for a bargain $19.10],

I remembered this weird dream I had last night:

I had a job interview, so I ran into the hair salon 30 minutes before the interview begging Leah, the Colornatrix, to cut my hair. She did. And, fortunately, the office where I was to interview was right next door. Isn't it neat how dreams do that?

I walked into the interview and the first thing the Office Assistant tells me is that the man interviewing me is Japanese and doesn't speak good English, so they communicate in ... wait for it ... fluent Latin.


I'm all, like, uh, OK. I had Latin in high school for two years, but it's a little rusty. And, then, the interviewer came out and spoke to me in perfect-fucking-English. So, um, what up with that high-brow Latin shit?

Not that I said it in that exact way, and he went on about how only highly intelligent people can speak fluent Latin and that's the only kind of people he wants to hire.

So, I said, in perfectly fluent Japanese [and isn't it funny how my Japanese is *always* perfectly fluent in my dreams, but quite a bit less so when I'm awake?], "I may not speak fluent Latin, but I do speak the second most useless language in the world, Japanese."

And I walked out of the office. And woke up really thirsty. And got a drink of water. And went back to bed.

*Ever wondered why people say "tunafish" instead of "tuna?" I have no idea. Is it a Southern thing? Seems a little odd now that I think about it though...


  1. Being someone who remembers her dreams every night and lives by them, I can tell you that this is a great dream. I'm sure it will come true in one way or the other-- landing on the perfect job at the perfect time with the perfect credentials without even anticipating how perfectly everything will fall together. You go VUBOQ!

  2. Tuna comes to you in steak or sushi form. Tunafish is that stuff in a can that's good for casseroles and sandwiches. If you eat those.

    Well, that's how I think of it, anyhow. I can't stand canned tunafish anymore, though.

  3. I thhink Marve is on to something. I call it "tunafish" when it comes in a canned form, but call it tuna when it is whole.

    But, most importantly, what the hell IS vegan tunafish?

    It sounds god-awful.