Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All Nude Birthday Review!

Well, except for the "All Nude" part, here's a rundown of my birthday weekend ...

Friday night, I met the kittens at Jaleo for dinner. I got there about 6:30 for a pre-dinner martini. YUM. Robert, Tomoko, and Mike got there around 7. The weather was crap - sleet, rain, snow - but I was newly reblonded, so I didn't really care. Darryl didn't show up until after we had paid and were heading out. That's a long story that I may save for another day.

Then, we wandered up to Mike's house for yummy pistachio pink cake and bellini's. Mmmm ...

Here's a picture of the walk:

Here's another picture of the super delicious cake [This is the "homemaker Vuboq" pose]:

Saturday morning [My BIRTHDAY!], I got up at 5:45AM, still a little drunk, showered, threw a few more things into the suitcase, and caught the 6:37 bus to Silver Spring station. I got to the airport in plenty of time.
The flight was uneventful; I was over hung.

The wonderful cousin, Suzanne, picked me up in Detroit and we drove to Ann Arbor. We chilled at the house for a bit with Collin, the cousin-in-law, and then went for a late lunch/brunch in Ann Arbor. We went to Seva, an all vegetarian restaurant. It was yummy.

Back at home, and, may I just mention that Suzanne and Collin's new house is TOTALLY CUTE - as are their two kittens, Piglet and Lil' Red, we did lots of lounging, some drinking at their local pub, some drinking at home, and finally prepared dinner. Dinner was a vegetarian version of shrimp and grits (using mushrooms and artichoke hearts) and salad. They made little individual molten chocolate cakes for dessert, with espresso whipped cream. YUM. They also gave me a CD - Buddha Bar VII and Amy Sedaris' book on entertaining - I Like You, Entertaining under the Influence, or something like that.

Sunday, we lounged. And, then, went to an orchid show. Very cool. I should buy an orchid for my bathroom. I think it would look cool there ... unless Isabella ate it. Later, we met Hein, a friend of theirs who I met at the wedding, at Leopold's for the BEST MARTINIS EVER! Leopold's is a small batch distillery. They make their own gin and vodka. And it is YUM. They have to call the gin "lemon flavored brandy" because of Michigan's likker laws.
Here is a photo of my birthday present to myself:

For dinner that night, we had leftovers. We were full of martinis and appetizers from Leopold's.

Monday, Suzanne and I had a lazy morning around the house. After Collin got home, we took the car to an Asian market to buy the fixin's for Thai Masaman curry. YUM. We ate, watched movies, and knitted.

Tuesday, I had a bit of a lie-in. Later, I walked to downtown Ann Arbor (only about 1.5 miles) and met Suzanne for lunch. Then, I wandered the streets and cute shops for awhile before heading home to finish packing, watch some more movies, and knitting, and drinking. *heh*

We had pizza for dinner. And then Suzanne drove me to the airport. No delays, no hassles. I was home around midnight.

All in all, a fun trip.

Now, I have to try to motivate to get some stuff done. Like cleaning and painting. *ugh*


  1. welcome back. i assume you're planning to make the "best martini ever" for us very soon.