Friday, February 13, 2009

Today We Are Three

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yep. The Terrible Twos are over at last. Three years ago today, VUBOQ arose from the diary-x ashes. And all the world became a slightly bitterer place. Huzzah!

Here are a few high(and low)lights from the year that was ...

VUBOQ creates Baseball Day.
VUBOQ has the Best Birthday Party EVER!
VUBOQ meets some SuperFantastic BloggerChicks!
VUBOQ discovers the Most Disgusting Flavor of Potato Chips in the Whole Wide World.
VUBOQ learns to change a flat tire ... the hard way on a trip to NYC.
VUBOQ hangs out with SuperCute Bloggers in NYC and DC.
VUBOQ learns that sometimes bad things happen to good bitter people.
VUBOQ has a painfully obvious crush on someone.
VUBOQ carves teh pumpkins.
VUBOQ realizes he is White Trash.
VUBOQ conversates against each other.
VUBOQ pisses people off (and becomes a Gay Uncle!).

What a wild and crazy ride!



  1. Happy Anniversary! I'll drink some bourbon in your honor.

  2. rn terri11:57 AM

    Happy Anniversary! I will toast you with a margarita tonight!

  3. anne marie in philly12:12 PM

    happy anniversary! glad I found your blog! :-)

    I shall sip a buttery nipple (perverts!) in toast to your wonderfulness this evening. can't do it right now cause I am at work...

  4. Huzzah! This here little blog is just 11 days older than my own. Who'd a thunk? I see that the old diary-x site now has rules for casino games. Maybe it's a sign.

  5. Congrats! I loves me some VUBOQ!

  6. I love you too! Happy Blog-day!

    xoxo, SG

  7. Happy anniversary dear hart!!!!!!