Monday, February 13, 2006

Diary-x. Down. Out.

My regularly scheduled journal, Enviroboi, is down because Diary-X is experiencing "massive drive failure." Not good.

This will be my substitute site.

Here's today's entry.

My back hurts … for all the wrong reasons. On Saturday night, we had about 8-10 inches of snow. I volunteered to shovel John’s walk and deck. The snow was light and fluffy, so it was easy to shovel. Unfortunately, “easy to shovel” doesn’t mean “easy on the back.” And, what we had been doing prior to my shoveling wasn’t “easy on the back” either.

Before I forget, I have some exciting news. A few days ago, I wrote an entry on EnviroWonk about a book I saw in Borders, Lost Mountain. I couldn’t find any reviews online, so I mentioned that I might review it myself. On Friday afternoon, someone who works for the book’s publisher left a comment saying that they would like me to review the book and would send me a review copy. Sweet. I immediately sent my mailing address. I’m so excited. I’ve never written a book review before. It will definitely be an adventure.

OK. Besides the snow, the book review, and the sex, the only other thing of interest which happened was last night. John and I met Robert, Steve, Tomoko, and Bill at Halo. One of the bartenders was having an art show there. The art was … um … how to put this nicely? Hm. The art was bad. John compared it to an art student who had just learned a certain technique and was trying it out. I thought the color combinations were crap and the subject matter dull. The 2-for-1 drinks were good though.

Then, we wandered over to Logan Tavern for dinner. I had the side platter: garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli, and sautéed spinach. YUM. Very garlicky.

I guess we got back to John’s around 10 or 11? A fun time was had by all (I hope), but I woke up this morning very hungover. Not good. I had a greasy egg and cheese biscuit, so I feel better now.


  1. I love garlic mashed potatoes.
    Love sex.
    Hate shovelling snow.
    Hate bad art.
    Love 2-for-1 drinks.
    Hate hangovers.

  2. Oh. Love greasy egg and cheese biscuits.

  3. john doesn't mind that you smell like garlic as does your um.. special sauce? really bothers oscar if I ingest too much of the stuff .. usually a good way to get him off of sex for a day or so!

  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    is this your new blog? i think we should resist going to logan tavern. it's ok, but usually a bit dissappointing. next time let's listen to me. rhino

  5. Yeah, that error message about the massive drive failure sounds unpleasant.

    I'm glad you're having sex and garlic :)

  6. ooh, i hope you don't lose your archived journal entries.

    i love garlic! garlic good. yum...

    and i have to echo larry and say, i too am glad you are having sex and garlic...

    ...and writing a book review.

  7. you can find me at:

    dykewife while diary-x is down. i'm trying to think of something regular to do with the livejournal account once d-x comes back up. i think i might make it a "feel good" journal where i post the only good things that are happening.