Friday, January 23, 2009

I Went to the Abortion Parade and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt

NOT QUITE BREAKING NEWS ANY MORE: It's a Girl! Tomokito and Baby are happy and healthy!
0122091902.jpg Ok. It's not a stupid t-shirt. But, after watching way too many Anti-Choicers walk by, I felt I deserved a little something special.

And, Good Morning, Kittens!

My Abortion Afternoon was certainly an adventure! I left the house at 1:15 and walked to the Metro station. Upon arriving at said station, I realized I had forgotten my wallet and had to walk back home. Gah.

I took the bus back to the station. And, look!, I sat in the Rosa Parks Memorial Seat:

Rosa Parks Memorial SeatBtw, it wasn't in the back.

La la la. Metro. Union Station. Crazy Crowds. Busy busy. Totally bad light for taking pictures.

Abortion March 4If this is a photo of a typical abortion, you can cut off my head with this knife and serve me for dinner.

More White People in One Place than I've seen in a long, long time.

Abortion March 5

Lots of SuperCute Priests (They are all gay, right? B/C ... YUM!). Lots of kids. More White People. My camera batteries died right when Team Sarah (Palin) walked by. God damn it!

0122091522a.jpgHoller, Wisconsin!

Finally, I had had enough ...

Pro-LifeGravel is Pro-Life

So, I wandered up to the Obama Stores on 7th St.


I bought a friend of mine some buttons and myself the t-shirt pictured at the start of this entry. And I returned to Silver Spring ...


for some of this ...

Post-March Beer

and a whole lotta these ...

Post-March Fries

and that was my day. The entire photo set is here.

Oh, and here are my Very Offensive Tweets from the event:

  • Thinks it's funny to see the obama fans and the nutjobs mingle at union station
  • Hasn't seen this many white people in one place in a long time.
  • Banner w/ image of MLKJr: the negro can't win if he sacrifices the lives of his children. Hmmm
  • Forgot to charge his batteries. Camera died right when Team Sarah marched by. Damn!
  • Feels sick to his stomach. Off to find a drink.
  • - Pro-life


PS. VUBOQ totally *hearts* his alcoholic blogfriends.


  1. The Presidential Inaugural Committee merchandise store at 635 E St., NW has a lot of truly great stuff. It'll be open until some time tomorrow.

  2. rn terri10:31 AM

    Definitely history in the making... Looks like fun. What an interesting comment section yesterday! As far as the have another drink reccomendation, I'll drink to that! ;-)

  3. I wish the anti-choice people put that much effort into promoting birth control.

  4. Princess Sparkle Pony always reports that the forced childbirth demonstrators are the worst litterbugs. Pro-life gravel, pro-life sidewalks, pro-life streets and gutters, indeed!

    (Those last two photos look so delicious!)

  5. GayProf said... "I wish the anti-choice people put that much effort into promoting birth control."

    Exactly! I feel like the missing piece in the public debate about abortion is how do we address the causes and motivations for abortion in the first place.

    Vuboq, love your coat! I'm a total sucker for houndstooth. And, beer and fries FTW!

  6. Yeah Uncle VUBOQ. Hope you can post pictures of baby Tomokito soon!

  7. anne marie in philly5:16 PM

    the baby is soooo cute! congrats to mommy and baby!

    I think I will drink to that!

  8. Yeah, I heart you too. The priest comment made me laugh.

  9. Anonymous2:42 PM

    This is an amusing site. Should they find that gayness is congenital, and devise a pre-birth test for it, will you cheer the mothers who choose to abort their gay children?

    Do you cheer whenever a female child in Asia is aborted because she is female?

    After all, every child a wanted child, right?

  10. unclesmrgol Thank you, and yes.

  11. I only aborted non-gay children, myself. Just for the record.