Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update: Lots of Luv Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day full of hearts and flowers and little naked cupids (or big naked studmuffins)!

On Thursday, since I neglected to tell you about that, Eric from Baltimore came down. We met Ray at Alero in Dupont Circle and had many many margaritas. Then, we went to Cobalt and had many many vodka cranberries. Then, we staggered home. Here we are in the Metro Station:
0212092242.jpg0212092242a.jpg0212092241.jpgCan you spot the cute French guy?

Friday, I had to run errands, do some Board stuff, and was forced to treat myself to lunch at Adega:

Then, I ran more errands ... including trying to find some sake for Valentine's Day. I did not have any luck. The sake was either too expensive or not good quality. *sigh*

That evening, I went to a party hosted by the German's girlfriend, who is totally fierce (and has a super cool apartment in upper NW DC). Here's a photo of the neighbors who were there (I sort of remember this picture being taken):

Home. Very Late.

Saturday. Very Hungover. I did lots of blobbing around. That evening, I headed over to CNTBD's. I taught him (sort of) how to make sushi rolls. I made miso soup and edamame. We drank prosecco. And ate chocolate tart. Delicious. Pix:

A fun time was had by all!

This is CNTBD's dog, H:
0215090828.jpgIsn't he a total cutie (and a complete bed hog)?

So, I got home on Sunday morning around 10ish, and I fell asleep on the couch 'til noon. Then, I made soup stock using veggie scraps (sweet potato peels, onion, loads of old garlic, chili peppers, and rosemary). After the stock was ready, I used it to make a soup. I had all this stale kalamata olive bread, which I soaked in the stock until it became supersoft. Then, I pureed the hell out of it. The rest of the soup was easy: diced tomatoes, white beans, and okra. SCGB and Kristi came over to serve as my Soup Guinea Pigs. They said it was good.

And we watched loads and loads of Melrose Place, Season 2. Love. It!

And that was my weekend! Chock full of fun and excitement!

Oh, and there is some good news (which I can't remember if I blogged about or not): I have qualified for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation! 20 more weeks of benefits! *whew*

Tonight, I have my first pottery class. On the agenda for this evening will be a new vase for me to hold my knitting needles and a vase for a Special Blogger Friend (which I promised to make last year).

Happy President's Day! *smooches*


  1. Good to hear about the Unemployment benefits.

  2. Sweet dog. And the canine is cute too. Ha! Just a little Presidents' Day humor.

    VUBOQ, you are very handsome in olive green.

  3. anne marie in philly6:56 PM

    eric looks a lot like kevin bacon...supercutie!

    sounds like you had a good weekend of drinking, friends, drinking, boyfriend, drinking, eating, drinking, dvd watching...oh, and did I mention drinking?

    no wonder you were durnk!

    have fun at pottery class tonight!

  4. that dog! so cute! only rivaled in cuteness by my brother! (OK I am biased). What a fun weekend you had. Thank you for chronicl'ing it. (word?)

  5. hooray for monies. in your hour of need, the lords of money look upon you favorably.

  6. 20 more weeks of benefits = teh WHEW for SURE.

  7. My V-day weekend sucked, thanks for asking.

  8. rn terri7:18 PM

    I am LOVING your glasses in this picture!