Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm Supposed to Be Working

Happy Boxing Day, Kittens!

Like, OMG, wireless internet is a beautiful thing. I'm at a Panera Bread somewhere in Greensboro. And, ooooh, I can access my computer ... and I *should* be completing and emailing some job applications, but, well, I am blogging. Sosume.

Christmas with the family was good. As much as I totally *heart* my parents, good lord!, can they start to wear on my nerves after a couple of days. And there was No Alcohol to help! GAH! I could jes' die.

Here's a funny little story about how to tell if you are in North Carolina ...

My brother and I were watching the news on Tuesday evening, and the reporter was interviewing a man about his community's group dinner and, he said, and I kid you not!,

"It provides a good opportunity to conversate against each other."

Um. What? My brother actually hit rewind on the DVR so we could verify what we had just heard.

Against Each Other.
And, then, my brother said, "And this wasn't live. They could've edited that out. That was the best quote they could get." *sigh*

Anyway, so the parents arrived. We had a nice, if somewhat sparse, Xmas. It's the economy, kittens.

My parents gave me a new pub table set for my dining nook. And, then, said, "we'll come up in April to get your old set for your brother."

Um. What?

I'm supposed to find storage space for an extra dining set until April? I think not. I mean, it's a good set (the chairs kind of suck though) and I understand my brother needing a set and the frugality of it all, but where am I supposed to keep it?

I also got the Doctor Zhivago DVD. *w00t* I can not tell you how much I like totes luv the Dr. Z. Please let's take a moment and quietly hum "Lara's Theme."


Thank you.

And, that was the highlight of the presents ... I got a few more inconsequential things, like toothpaste and a lamp and a spurtle (from my slightly insane Aunt in Maine).

Today, there will be LOTS of boozing with the bro (once he gets off work). And, tomorrow, I am heading back to civilization (via Staunton, VA).

Have a great day. *smooches*


  1. I thought a spurtle would be something much cuter than that. Like some kind of Pokemon character. Feh.

  2. I never knew what a spurtle was. I never knew there was such a thing as a spurtle. I never knew there was a need for something like a spurtle.

    And Dr.Zhivago is more exciting than a spurtle?? Amazing.

    Safe travels back to civilization, dear Vuboq.

  3. This is the sound of Bossy, conversating in your comment section: ah hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Is that what the news broadcast sounded like?

  4. Spurtle?

    Toothpaste? Who gives toothpaste for Christmas?

    As for the dining set, leave the new one with the 'rents and then can haul it up in April and replace the old one! Ta-dah! Problem solved.

  5. I may have spurted a little when I saw the picture of that spurtle. Your Aunt in Maine is the gift-giving queen.

  6. anne marie in philly5:35 AM

    stuck for 2 days with no booze? feh!

    return safely to civilization, VUBOQ, where people converse intelligently and booze flows like water down a storm drain during a heavy rain.

  7. At least your trip has given you the opportunity to motorvate along the highway.

  8. That spurtle is not at all what I imaginated against!

    I don't know "Lara's Theme" seeing as how I've never seen Dr. Z, but I hummed the theme from The Poseidon Adventure because I wanted to be a part of the moment.

  9. I want to see a picture of you Spurtalating your soup.

  10. I think hubby gave me a nooner spurtle earlier today. I was hoping for more . . . ; )

    Anyhoo--omigosh, there are people I would *lurve* to conversate against but my employer prohibitates it.

  11. Insane Aunts in Maine OMG I am dying here!

    I want a spurtle! I could ROCK the oatmeal. My kids always complain that the spoon I use tears the oats.

    Ingrates, all!