Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shedding Season

Good Morning, Kittens.

VUBOQ is shedding readers like his cat is shedding hair. FIVE FUCKING BRUSHFULS and, OMG, she needs to be BRUSHED again. GodDamn UnNaturally Warm February. The Fucking Crocuses (Croci?) will be coming up soon. GAH.

But, anyway, sorry about the slackass posts recently. VUBOQ's life is pretty much shit (except for the one diamond amongst the excrement, who we are referring to as CNTBD, apparently).

My unemployment benefits have ended ... with no notification that the Emergency Unemployment Compensation will be kicking in (although I might be hearing something about that soon).

I still have No Jobz.

Fortunately, I have teh Finances to live. And I will not bitch about my Monetary Situation until two things happen: (1) I can't afford catfood and (2) I can't afford gin.

Once that happens, it's the Motherforking Apocalpyse, Kittens. And you'd better be showing up at my door with bucketfuls of teh Cash.

I won't bitch, but it's still Bringing Me Down. *le sigh*

On the Bright Side (and, believe me, Kittens, there is *always* a Bright Side), pottery class start next Monday (Yayz!) AND I went rollerblading ...

for 5 Fucking Miles! Who rocks? Vuboq. Oh yeah.


I'm not quite sure where this is:
0211091336.jpg but it's where I turned around ... and, just prior to, I saw (at least) a 6-point buck.

I'm a little concerned that (a) being able to recognize a buck and (b) telling how many points it had might harm my Totally Gay Cred, but -Grrlz- I grew up in teh South and I used to teach in a school where 2/3 of the student body was absent on the first day of Hunting Season. I know of what I speak. *sigh* I am full of The Shame.

Look! Deer Trax:


And a little humor ...


I guess that's about it.

Today is 12 of 12. I might be able to post something later (however, I am going out for Thursday Evening Margaritas, so who knows?).

Until next time, *smooches*

and Hire me ;-)


  1. Thursday evening margaritas are the new Friday evening martinis.

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I think that it's funnier that you could identify the tracks also!

  3. Rollerblades + Me = Ass in Pain.

    btw ... my verification word is .... wait for it .... "rimati." Okay, I totally went back to high school for that one.

  4. I am worried on your behalf about the job situation.

  5. Rollerblades + me = FEET in pain. I never make it far enough to have ass pain. Unless Jonathan is referring to falling down, in which case, yes.)
    I think you should civil-union rich.

  6. rn terri12:20 PM

    Good luck with the job situation. I could give you mine--school nurse, yay. You do know an alarming amount about deer, though. ;-)

  7. If it ever gets to where you can't afford cat food, I believe the Dranow Home For Wayward Poodles (that would be us, and yes, we are most definitely non-profit!) has a discretionary fund for kitteh food. Don't be shy. As for a Gin Fund? I'm not much help there, but talk to my mother about that one! ;-)

  8. I'd have to clear it with David, but you could probably come be our houseboy, seeing as we've still got one income. I'd have to think about your gin allowance, though - might get too costly. ;-)

  9. anne marie in philly5:44 PM

    YAYZ for emergency unemployment compensation!

    YAYZ YAYZ for pottery class!

    YAYZ YAYZ YAYZ for likker!

    as for deer, I have plenty of them in my back yard. they eat all my bird seed. dammit...

  10. February sucks. (Is it still February?)

    xoxo, SG

  11. February is the longest month of the year. It seems to be, anyway. August is the second worst. IMHO.

    I haven't been stopping by as often, but that's because I am busy with my school work. It has nothing to do with your charm, my dear. I miss you when I have to stay away.

    Good luck!