Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've Got a Package

Good Morning, Kittens!

It's Wintry Mixing here. Is it Wintry Mixing with you? I hope it stops by this afternoon, because I want to go to the pottery studio and I don't want to trudge through sludge. I was a Totally Good Unemployed Boy yesterday. I applied to three jobs (*w00t!*). I went to the bank. And, I went to the Whole Foods. See:

0217091409.jpgI can haz olives! HUZ-zah!

When I returned home, a cute little box was waiting for me at the door. And it was filled with this:


OMG! Yarn! and hand creme! From Dr. Mel! He, like, totally rocks! Pretty pretty yarn waiting to be knit! Yayz!

Hm. I think I may have over-exclamationpointed the previous paragraph ...

Using my new groceries, I cooked dinner (pasta + tomato sauce) and, then, watched What Happened in Vegas. Cute movie. Ashton Kutcher was shirtless a lot, which was probably the best thing about the movie.

Soon after, I went to bed. Bed is good. I like bed.

Have a great day! Maybe I'll put up some pottery pix this evening. We shall see.


  1. woo! nice yarns. what are they?

  2. pacalaga: I wish I knew! I keep trying to catch Dr Mel online to ask, but he must busy with work :-( ...

  3. anne marie in philly11:19 AM

    nothing happening up here; just grey and cloudy.

    "I got a package" - heh heh heh, I don't wanna know (snorts). yeah, I know, I'm a pervy monkey!

  4. rn terri11:27 AM

    Gorgeous yarns.....

  5. anne marie in philly1:43 PM

    ETA - it's now flurries and rain mixed.

    but NOTHING stops my stitch-n-bitch group from meeting tonight!

  6. The yarn, hand creme and pasta sounds delightful!!!

    Stay warm! (It's 75 degrees here!) :o)))

  7. I am so glad the wintry weather did not cause people to realize they were lacking olives, get in their cars, converge at Whole Foods, and buy every single jar before you could get yours.

    Perhaps people are buying something else this time, like bottled water (or... hot dog buns), just in case the wintry weather means they can never EVER get to the store to buy bottled water AGAIN!!! Oh no!!!!!

  8. the yarn is beautiful!