Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekend Update: Culture and Kindness Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Happy Monday! Can I just mention that getting up before sunrise is so. not. right? But more about that in a bit ...

First, here's a quick reminder that the 2nd Annual 10% Refund Challenge is in Full Swing! Read about it in my post yesterday (scroll down) or visit its Facebook Event Page. One exciting aspect is that there are *already* more participants than last year! YAY! Unfortunately, it seems a lot of people are getting smaller refunds (me included). So, in order to meet my goal of Even More Money, we'll need to recruit Even More Participants! We Can Do It!

So, my weekend ...

Friday, I stayed home.

Saturday, I stayed home. Then, in the evening, SCGB and I went to dinner at Adega. Afterwards, we drank wine and watched movies at my place. First, we watched Helvetica. It too long and a bit of a waste of time. It could have been about 30 minutes. Srsly. I was like, "I get it. Helvetica was modern and revolutionary and now it is everywhere. Thank you." Next, we put in Dirty Laundry ... which was so bad we only watched about 5 minutes. Instead, we watched The Savages. It was hard to watch, but ultimately rewarding. Hurrah.

Sunday, I stayed home. Until late afternoon, when I ventured over to Mark's*. He cooked dinner: Eggplant parmesan, salad, and bread. So totally yum. Then, we went to a chamber music concert at the Renwick Gallery. It was nice, if a bit long ... and we were well below the average age.

Afterwards, we returned to his place for homemade chocolate cake (his grandmother's recipe) and a nightcap. And we caught the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation ceremony at the Super Bowl, which is some sort of football game or something. I think the Pittsburgh Pirates won, narrowly defeating the Saint Louis Cardinals. Excitement!

All in all, a very rewarding weekend.

Have a great day! *smooches*

PS. I'm thinking of replacing Mark's name with a nickname, and could use some help. Any suggestions? Something Like AppleTartGuy (ATG)? or SuperHotManOverWhomI'mTotallySmitten (SHMOWITS)?
PPS. I loved the bear and mouse painting in the Renwick. It was right behind the quartet, and the bear's expression reminds me of Mark's 2-yr-old golden lab.


  1. My state's probably going to give me an IOU instead of an actual refund this year. :/

  2. I vote for a combination of the 2 -- how about Super Hot Apple Tart Guy... which would be SHATG?... um not so good. But try this: Super Hot Appletart Guy -- that makes SHAG. Much better.

    Or I suppose, Appletart Guy Over Whom I'm Totally Smitten -- AGOWITS...?

    I like SHAG the best.

    How was your interview?

  3. How about Heartache Waiting to Happen, or HWH?

    I'm kidding. I hope.

    I like SHAG.

  4. anne marie in philly4:21 PM

    SHAG-a-licious, baybee!

  5. Nickname: how about Manly And Really Kool?

    Did someone say chocolate cake? Bossy is ready for her parting gift.

  6. David, aren't they all HWH?

    SHAG might embarass him. Apple Tart Guy is sweet.

    Mmmmm, apple tarts...