Thursday, March 27, 2008

Valley of the Unfulfilled Promises

Good morning, Kittens!

Yeah yeah yeah I know I know I know. I was supposed to blog all about BOSSY's Stopover in Vutopia last night ... but I was tired and opted for a martini and bed (not at the same time). You know how it is.

Anyway, ShallowGal [She's a Hot Tranny Mess!] did a much better (and funnier) post about the gathering than I ever could. Go there. Read it, now. WAIT! Finish reading my post first, please.

So, after leaving the bar, I forced BOSSY to ride the Metro (the horror!). Srsly, I love the Metro. I could ride it every day (and I might, if this job-thing happens). We had to change trains. So exciting this Big City Life. Then, we had to jog for the bus! Exercise. It is good for us. Luckily, the bus stops directly in front of my building.

We chatted. We had lots of water. Hydration, kittens. It is important.

Y came over. I gave him his birthday present. We chatted.

We went to bed. Well, BOSSY went to bed. I went to bed. Y stayed up until about 3AM grading papers.

Fun times. See?

I got up and went to work. BOSSY left. So sad :-(

I came home from work around Noon:30, got ready, and left for the interview. First, I met with the recruiter at 2:30. She gave me lots of good pointers: things to highlight and topics to avoid. Yay recruiter! Then, at 3:30 I met with the organizations HR director and the director to whom I would report. They were both interesting and personable. I felt we had a very engaging conversation.

Hopefully, I will find out soon if I am to be asked back for a second interview with a group of staff members.

And that was it. No real plans for the day. I'm busy writing Thank You emails, and, at some point, I need to start thinking about Y's 40th Birthday Party on Saturday. At least, I have the cake taken care of. Next on the list will be booze and food.

More later. *smooches*


  1. You gave Y his birthday present IN FRONT OF BOSSY? Right there in front of her?

    Oh wait, so the present wasn't teh hot sweaty buttsecks?

  2. Oh my gosh ! I was wondering how on Earth I got more hits today than in like 45 years of blogging combined ! Thank you ! Love, the hot tranny mess

  3. You met Bossy! So jealous!

  4. Darling, thanks for the linky-love to ShallowGal. She writes a good blog.
    Don't worry. I won't desert you.