Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update: Sugar Overload Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Although my weekend didn't start out so well, it ended on a SugarHigh Note!

Friday, after much internal dithering, I decided to go to the pottery studio. Unfortunately, I was totally unproductive. My first pot was a disaster. And, as I was finishing my second pot, my finger caught it and it was destroyed. Alas. I shoved the blobby clay bits back in my bag with hopes that next time will be better. Once home, I made a martini, and a bite to eat, and watched DVDs all night. Aaaaah ... so much better.

Saturday, I met Dana and the Skankified Ho and Carolyn for margaritas. It was so much fun. We drank. We ate. We had SuperBig Laughs. Such a good time.

Later that night, CNTBD came over. He had had an unpleasant few days, so we chilled with a bottle of wine and a couple of episodes of Melrose Place. MP makes everything better. Srsly.(There was also some Quality Nekkid Time, but I don't believe I should be blogging about that!).

On Sunday, my upstairs neighbor, K-Factor, and I went over to CNTBD's house for a baking party! I made some rice balls (onigiri) for snacking and brought a bottle of prosecco (for drinking). While there, I made Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes with a chocolate glaze. K-Factor made chocolate chocolate chocolate chip cookies. And, CNTBD made molasses cookies. OMG. so much fun. so delicious. I think I am still a bit high on all the sugar ...

Here are some fun photos:

K-Factor Makes Teh Cookiez


This picture totally cracks me up ...

Mmmm. Frosting.

And, that would be my weekend. I will be uploading a few more pix to flickr later in the day. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The Flickr Set is here!



  1. Frosting must not be wasted!

  2. Sometimes you just have to lick the counter.

  3. Are you sure this is frosting?!

  4. rn terri11:08 AM

    CNTBD is CUTE! I could totally live on frosting.

  5. Oooh, a delicious finish to a disappointing week!

    I've spent the weekend in a vanilla-induced stupor. My husband, the Pied Piper of Sensual Pleasures, has gotten into making exotic liqueurs. We ordered a POUND of vanilla beans (for the unbelievable price of $20! $20! $20!) and a gram of fine saffron, and they arrived on Friday and he promptly steeped a LOT of both of them in bottles filled with fine spirits. Oh my my my, you cannot begin to imagine a Cuba Libre made with this stuff.

    If you're interested in a great cheap source of vanilla beans, let me know... I can hook ya up!

  6. I like your balls...I mean, your rice balls in the flickr set. They look delicious, as does all the sweets. Yum!

  7. anne marie in philly7:23 PM

    silly VUBOQ! frosting is for kids! kids over 30 that is!

  8. Bossy. Is. Missing. All. The. Fun. Sorry, were you saying something about sugar?