Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Three Bags Full

Just in case I lose my handwritten list, here are the contents of the three bags of clothes I'll be donating:

Bag 1
2 sweaters (1 pullover, 1 cardigan)
2 pullover windbreakers (lined)
1 very unfashionable (and old) sport coat
1 light weight 3/4-length winter coat

Bag 2
9 long-sleeve dress shirts
1 short sleeve shirt
5 pairs of pants (4 casual, 1 dress)

Bag 3
11 long-sleeve dress shirts



PS. Tonight's Happy Hour downtown has become Leftover Soup and Wine Night at Casa de VUBOQ because of the cold weather. I'm ok with this turn of events.


  1. So, you've purged your closet of the long-sleeved dress shirts and some sweaters.
    Are you thinking of moving to a warmer climate?
    That warmer climate would NOT be The Sunshine State today. It's 40 degrees here.

  2. Ugh -- My "guest room" has become a graveyard for all the clothes and useless items that are supposed to go to thrift shops.

  3. I think you get more tax credit for the clothes if you don't refer to them as unfashionable.

    xoxo, SG