Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cleaning Out the Closet

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday, I decided to thin out my closets. I filled three garbage bags with clothes to donate and I threw out 2 garbage bags of clothes too awful to give away. Now, I have lots of space in my closets. Plus, everything is on matching wooden hangers. I do have an interesting dilemma ... what does one do with all those plastic and wire hangers? Throw them out? Make art?

Then, in the evening, a group of neighbors went to the Quarry House to celebrate Kristi's promotion. Fun times. I had a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum.

Once home, I made use of my beer buzz and bought Melrose Place, Season 2 on DVD and a book (the title of which I can't remember ... something about fish) from Is there a better way to spend Valentine's Weekend (assuming the package arrives in time)?

Today, there is a Green Jobs Expo downtown. I may head down that way this afternoon. However, from reading the description of the event, it seems that a Jobs Expo is different from a Jobs Fair ... more informative, rather than actual interviewing/hiring. It would still be a good networking opportunity, so we shall see ... It's really cold out today though.

I'm also supposed to meet Carolyn for drinks after work. Should be fun.



  1. Donate the plastic hangers, perhaps?

    The wire hangers ... well, those would make an excellent framework for a Joan Crawford sculpture.

    My verification word, btw, is "bingle." What is a bingle?

  2. Some places have recycling for the wire hangers. Some dry cleaners will also take back wire hangers, too.

  3. Just what package are you hoping arrives on time? wink wink nudge nudge

    Wire hangers are recyclable, at least in NYC.

  4. rn terri11:48 AM

    I need to do my closets......

  5. anne marie in philly12:11 PM

    I also need to do my closet.

    and I echo the other posters about the wire hangers (cleaners) and plastic hangers (thrift shop). we can do both in philly.

    stay warm!

  6. Yeah, donate the hangers. What are the donation places gonna hang your shirts on if you don't give 'em the hangers, too?

    Many years ago I used a bunch of wire hangers to make a framework for papier mache. I built a huge and very heavy Christmas tree, painted it Christmas-tree-green, and covered it with glitter. What fun!!

  7. My drycleaner will take the hangers back. Those plastic ones aren't recyclable? Isn't that odd? A good job done.

  8. Did you go out? If so, kudos to your bravery in the face of such bitter, bitter cold.