Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baseball: It's More Than Just a Game

Good Morning, Kittens (especially Kristen*!).

Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Nationals vs. Phillies game. It rocked. As you may know, VUBOQ knows a lot about baseball (see this post). So here's my take on the game ...

The Home Team (Go Nats!) wore white. The Visitors (Go Phillies!) wore ... dingy. I mean, really. What up with that color, Phillies? Do you not use bleach? Talk to your laundry service. Srsly.

I got to watch the game with my SuperHot BlogCrush, ShallowGal. OMG. She is so funny (and knows waaaaay too much about baseball - player stats, differences between the two leagues**, and that the Nats have no cute players***). Go read her blog now. No. Wait. Keep reading this post first.

ZOMGz. Teh Cuteness is Unbearable.

Every now and then, the play would stop and the groundskeepers would break out the rakes.

Even baseball teams understand the importance of Good Grooming. Really, a well-manicured lawn is essential. And, you, yes, you, the one with the unibrow, you need to understand the importance of a tweezer. Srsly.

At some point, the game ended, with the Nats losing 2-1. Waaah. If only they had used VUBOQ to Pinch Hit:

Check out that stance!

After much fun conversation with the Gorgeous DC Movie Girl (Go Braves!), Shallow Gal, and a gaggle of drunk girls at the bar, we headed home.

It took forever. Why is Silver Spring so far away? WHY?

And, that was my evening.

More later. *smooches*

*Who needs to start her food blog soon. Srsly.
**There are two leagues?!?!
**Although VUBOQ started developing a little crush on the catcher, Jesus, which is odd, because VUBOQ normally goes for the pitchers.


  1. *waves!*

    You get the smooch after...hmm, two more dates. ;)

  2. Jesus totally let us down last night. No crush for him !

    It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. And after fighting the smart card machine forever (why doesn't it take $20's?) the parking gates were open.

    Nonetheless, I had a blast. Enjoy your last Wednesday and I'll see you for lunch next month!

    xoxo, SG

    PS: I'm impressed with your early morning skills. I'm still dragging and its almost noon.

  3. That is an impressive stance.

  4. anne marie in philly12:11 PM

    our road uniforms are grey - that's just the way it is. we have 2 sets of white home uniforms.

    man, you attracted some gorgeous chicks...


  5. I like the Nationals mainly because they are the worst team in the league, leaving my beloved Braves in the not-as-undesirable position of second worst in the league.
    Catchers, pitchers, what's wrong with a little variety to spice things up sometimes?

  6. kristen5:12 PM

    thanks for the shout out! glad you had fun. if the nats had used vuboq as a pinch hitter, i'm pretty sure we woulda won...