Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Update: Big Apple Edition, Part II

Now, with pictures!

Yes. We had a flat tire. I haven't changed a tire since college. I had to read the instruction manual to make sure we did it right. And to find the jack. Then, I called AAA for directions to the nearest service station. We bought new tires and were back on our way.

We arrived in Brooklyn around 8ish. We dropped off our stuff and ventured into the city. We met Alison and Peter at a cute little middle eastern restaurant, called Yaffa. They had good sangria. We drank a lot of it.

Tomokito left and the rest of us went to a gay bar called Phoenix. Not sure what time everyone left, but Yuval and I got home around 2:30 or 3 (I think).

The next morning. Very hung over. Y and I went to brunch at a little middle eastern place near the apartment. It started to rain. Very hard. Fortunately, it slacked off by the time we finished.

We boarded the train and headed to Chelsea to see Sex and the City. We met Tomokito, Jose, and Min there. The movie was lots of fun. After the movie, Tomokito went shopping. Min went home. And Jose, Y and I headed to Arriba! Arriba!, where we met Y's friend, Stephanie, for dinner (margaritas!).

After dinner, Jose went home to get ready for a hot date (he seems to have a lot of those). Y, Stephanie and I went to see Xanadu. We had good -not great- seats. They were on the side so we couldn't see Stage Right very well. The show was a lot of cheese-tastic fun. Although, if you haven't seen the movie, I would recommend seeing that first.

The show ended (aw), and we went to Therapy, another gay bar, where we met Tomokito, Min, his partner, Derek, and another one of their friends, Tim. Lots of cosmos were had by all. The trip home took a long time.

Sunday morning. Very hungover.

This time, we drove into the city to meet Y's friend, Serge, for brunch. Guess what we ate? Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food. [Srsly. What up with that people? VUBOQ is getting a little tired of the falafel and hummus].

After Serge left, Y and I walked up to Central Park and landed in the middle of some big Jewish Parade (I surmised it had to do with Israel's 60th Anniversary. The big "Celebrating Israel's 60th Anniversary" sign also helped). Stars of David. Everywhere.

Then, Y met some friends of his and I met Alison. We went to a cute little Italian place (because I just couldn't face another falafel). Around 5, I reconnected with Y and briefly met his friends.

We drove over to the Upper West Side to pick up Tomokito and her many, many shopping bags and left the city. Or tried to leave the city. It took TWO HOURS to leave the city. Traffic. Bad directions. Missed exits. And, finally, the Holland Tunnel.

All in all, a very good, falafel-filled, trip.



  1. Sounds like a fun time. Except the tire... Did you mean to use Y's full name in there?

  2. pacalaga: oops. thx.

  3. Any Puntabulous sightings? xoxo, SG

  4. Sorry I missed you guys. Next time. Didn't Y want to march in the parade?

  5. I think gay guys have better weekends than straight guys. Don't tell my husband though...