Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Good Morning, Kittens. Is it snowing with you? Talk to me. Talk to me.

I can't remember who sent me this link, but you should check it out (especially if you have a kitteh or two):

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

I would like to add another warning sign to the list:

0202091932.jpgLooks all cute, 'til you realize she was searching for recipes!

Not much else has happened in my life. My week is getting busier though. I need to go to the post office today, but the snow is a bit off-putting.

Other than that, my plans for today include ... applying for a job or two, going to the grocery store, and working on the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom (Take 2).

Have a great day! *smooches*

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  1. It's snowing here, VUBOQ! On the coastal shores of New Jersey, the snow is falling, but each drop is melting in the bay.

  2. rn terri10:49 AM

    No snow, but freezing at 9 degrees in the Metro St. Louis area.

  3. My cat is too lazy to plot anything.

  4. Yeah, it's snowing here.

    My cats are too busy beating the snot out of each other and jockeying for petting attention to plot against me. They plot against each other. Divide and conquer, I always say.

  5. No snow here. (It's only 63 degrees, though. And windy. Wah...) And I'm not sure that my 18 year old toothless, de-clawed (he's a rescue kitteh) Maine Coon is up for plotting much of anything, other than how to protect his food from the dogs. Although he DOES do excessive digging in the litterbox, do I am wondering a bit...

  6. I LOVE that cookbook. It's been a great help during the great vegan experiment of 2009.

  7. Not snowing, but I am so goddamned cold; I feel like I have not been warm for days. Shut up! It gets cold here, too. Did I tell you they said on the news that it got down to 33 degrees in my little town ac couple weeks ago? I sleep on a PORCH, essentially--a big room with huge screened-in windows. When it rains, we get wet. When it's windy, we heap on the blankets. At present we have thick Land's End flannel sheets and a goosedown comforter with a flannel duvet cover. I am typing with a heating pad on my lap and my fingerless gloves and wool socks on my feet and I AM STILL COLD. And I left the Adirondacks for THIS?!?

  8. anne marie in philly5:39 PM

    snowing in philly, not sticking to the roadways since they were pre-treated. have about 1 inch on the grassy surfaces. it's that heavy wet $hit too!

    but my oh my it does look pretty on the trees!

    (lifts a glass of merlot in your direction)