Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Doom. It Approaches.

My Parents are visiting this weekend.

This is what they look like:

Mom and Dad Shopping

This is an example of our phone conversations:

It's Amazing I Turned Out as Well as I Did

This is why their visits make me a little stressed out:

Weekend Update: The Parent Trap (see paragraphs 4-6)

This is an excerpt from a phone conversation a few weeks ago:

Mom: We want to come visit soon. We're thinking the last weekend of July.
V: The last weekend of July isn't a good time.
Mom: Really?
V: Yes. My job will be ending. I might be SuperStressed. I may just want to relax by myself.
Mom: OK.

This is an excerpt from a phone conversation one week later:

V: Hello?
Mom: We've decided when we're going to come visit?
V: Great. When?
Mom: The last weekend of July.
V: ...

On the bright side, the visit's only from Saturday to Monday.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Drink more, darling.
    And next time she asks, "Where did we go wrong as parents?" tell her, 'Hold on, my notebook is around here somewhere."


  2. Will they be staying in Bossy's guest room?

  3. Sometimes parents can really push our buttons. After all, they installed them.

  4. They certainly look harmless. Have fun ! xoxo, SG

  5. @ Gayprof- We know how to push their buttons, too. :)

    Parents. You can't live with them, you wouldn't be here without them.

    Good luck and best wishes for the weekend, VUBOQ

  6. one of the biggest reasons i live in my hometown is so my parents WON'T come visit!

  7. *sigh* My in-laws-who-can't-accept-that-they're-my-in-laws want to come visit us this fall sometime. Since I can't imagine M-I-L letting the occasion pass without liberal application of Bible tracts and Lutheran passive-aggressivity, I'm not exactly relishing the prospect.

  8. My parents look much like that!

    But when scheduling their upcoming visit, they kept insisting that I tell them when would be good for me, and I kept insisting that they should make plans, and I'd schedule around them. It only took a couple of these discussions, though, for them to make their plans. (Early September, hurray!)

    I still think we're cousins, you and I, btw.

  9. Ow! Strength to you. And vodka. Lots of vodka.