Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh, Look, It's Tuesday...

And I have a big bag of potato chips on my desk.
At 9 in the morning.


Guess what?
I found a federal government job which had NO essay questions! I applied this morning! EXCITEMENT! Of course, it's in Colorado ... which might present a small problem, but (this needs to be said again) there were NO ESSAY QUESTIONS! I had to apply.

Also, I'm mailing my application for the DC government job this afternoon. AND, I only have one final essay question to answer for the DHHS job (which closes on Friday, so I'm a little pressed for time ... but not much).

Lessee ... pottery class was relatively good last night (except for the very end ... which I'll get to in a moment). First, I glazed lots of things: two mugs, two vases, and a flower pot. Then, I trimmed a serving bowl. My plate and first cannister have not been fired yet. Boo. Then, I threw cannister #3.

The really cool thing is that I had run out of clay, but the front desk girl had already left. I couldn't buy more clay. The storage room that contains all the clay was locked. So, the instructor gave me a big bag of Instructor Clay (which is abandoned clay from previous sessions). Sweet! Free clay! Love. It.

After throwing cannister #3. I decided to start trimming cannister #2. I was trimming the lid and, somehow, I knocked it off center and trimmed it lopsided. Which is bad. I think I can fix it, but class was over. I was tired and couldn't be bothered to stay any longer. So I left.

And had a gin and tonic at Y's. And played with Fuego. Yay.

Plans for today include possibly doing laundry (since DUN is at the beach her laundry slot is available), starting a vodka infusion for a friend's birthday party this weekend (how does Raspberry/Lime sound?), fixing something interesting for dinner, and watching DVDs.

Fun times, kittens. Fun. Times.
More later. *smooches*


  1. Colorado might be a nice place to live.

  2. When are we gonna see pics of the pottery?
    Raspberry lime sounds great for a vodka infusion. Be careful not to put too much lime though, otherwise it might get to "limey" (I'm looking for the correct word but the only thing I get is that face you make when there's too much lime, see what I mean?)
    Anyway, raspberry mint would be good too...
    As for your job search, it seems to be going well (Colorado is too cold though)
    And I love your word cloud! But where is Vodka? Isn't infused vodka Vuboq's drink choice?

  3. Colorado? Not unless you take me, Y, and your cute upstairs neighbor with you, buddy.

  4. Raspberry lime sounds really good. Kinda twisty.