Thursday, July 17, 2008

Government Efficiency

I noticed around 11:30 this morning that our call volume had decreased significantly. As it turns out, the EPA decided to switch the hotline to the new contractor ... even though the new contractor isn't supposed to take over until August 1st.

Plus, they haven't completed training and have no idea how to answer the questions.



In more hopeful news, I have submitted 4 job applications in the past three days (2 federal government, 1 DC government, and one with a nonprofit association). Maybe something good will turn up soon :-)



  1. Shall we all call in with some really obscure questions for them?

  2. Best wishes on your job hunt, dear one!

  3. Good luck on the applications!

  4. My, my. Things are unraveling fast! Looks like a slow day at work, huh?