Thursday, July 03, 2008

Don't Trust the Previews

VUBOQ is highly upset. The Shear Genius previews last week made us believe that this week's episode would be all about teh Angels of Charlie. However, when we tuned in, what was it?

The Housewives of Orange County.

*le ew*

VUBOQ wanted to see the truly gorgeous Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson interact and have witty repartee and share fabulous hair tips and tell us what it was really like to work with Farrah. Alas, it was not to be and VUBOQ returned home at the end of the show to cry bittersweet tears into his pillow.

So. Sad. So disappointed with the misleading Shear Genius previews. VUBOQ shall never believe them again.

In addition, VUBOQ has this weird patch of dry skin near his elbow. What up with that?

OK. Enough with the third person.

It's time to break down the weekend plans, even though I still don't quite know what they are. This is the last time I leave the planning up to Y. I mean, srsly, how hard is it to determine what freakin' time we are leaving? Or returning? Or where we are staying? Or any other minor little detail like that?

All I know is that at some point tonight or tomorrow, we will be driving to NYC. We will be attending a Fireworks Viewing Party somewhere in Brooklyn and, at some point, we will be returning home. That's all I know. Even after trying to get us to come to some sort of decision last night.

Hopefully, I'll be able to hang out with my friend, Alison (if she's in town). And, I'd like to deliver David's prize to him. We'll see. As gawd as mah witness, we will have plans set by this afternoon.

I guess that's it. Have a safe and happy Independence Day Weekend, Kittens.

*red white and blue smooches*


  1. We will have to wait for "The Angels" - all we got last night were "The Ho's"...

    CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Shear Genius recap.


  2. Bossy hopes it's super fun.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.

    Oh yes, I WILL be meeting you on Saturday, do not doubt it.

  4. Sigh -- If only all three could have been reunited.

    Alas, I look forward to the two (My impression, btw, is that the original three angels all got along quite well. This was not the case with Cheryl Ladd, though).