Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update: Partied Out Edition

Good Monday Morning, Kittens :-)

Our phones seem to be working again. Huzzah. I have about a Gabillzillion email inquiries to answer. And, I'm out of deodorant. Oh. Woeth art I.

So, weekend roundup time ... Friday, after ditching work at noon:30, I headed over to Y's. He was at school, so I played with Fuego, wasted time on the internet, and ... um ... that's about it. Then, around 2:30, I headed over to the pottery studio, where I trimmed Canister #2. I feel much better about it now. At first it was all wonky and off center, but I -somehow- managed to fix that. Yayz.

I left the studio around 4, met up with Y, and walked back to his place, where we, um, well, uh, y'know ...

Then, we made cocktails using the Raspberry-Lime Infused Vodka. The first cocktail was the vodka plus ginger ale. I thought it would be yummy. Unfortunately, it wasn't. It needs to be mixed with something a tad sweeter. So, next, we tried it with cranberry juice. Much better. I think it still needs to be fizzy though (I likes teh fizzeh drinx). Then, I took a nap. Booze + [um, y'know] = V. Tired Vuboq.

After teh nap, I fixed a simple dinner - pasta (mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, rotini pasta) and roasted asparagus and salad (well, Y made the salad). Afterwards, we watched Ratatouille, which was cute and fun (kind of like me!).

Saturday, we slept late (yay). Then, in the afternoon, we returned Fuego to his rightful home. That evening, SCGB, Tomokito, Y and I went to Joey's 30th birthday party. Lots of fun. I drank too much.

Sunday. Very. Hung. Over. Around 11, I managed to get moving enough for us to go out to brunch at Austin Grill [Hello, Bloody Mary. Will you be my friend?]. We did a little shopping in hip and happening Downtown Silver Spring. Then, headed back to the ranch for a nap and [um, y'know].

That evening, Y and I went over to Mike's house to partake of the 'failed' Joey Birthday Cake. It was delicious. Mike wasn't happy with the decorating though.

We got home around 9. I went to bed a few hours later. Fun weekend. The end.

More later. *smooches*


  1. I look forward to the canister completion.

  2. The DH doesn't drink alcohol (more for us) but he likes to mix cranberry and seltzer water. Seems like that would add your fizz and your sweet.

  3. anne marie in philly12:32 PM

    sounds like vuboq had a fun weekend!

    I was in rosslyn thurs-sun;!

    club soda for fizz, perhaps....