Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Update: Fireworks Spectacular!

... except, well, my fireworks pictures were full of teh Suck, and I haven't even uploaded them yet ... so, you'll just have to settle for a boring, unillustrated version of my

SuperFantastic Fireworks Spectacular Weekend in New York City! *w00t!*


So, Thursday, after work, I met Jerry for dinner at Thai Tanic. I scheduled the dinner because Y said we would not be leaving for NYC until either "late" or "Friday morning." I interpreted "late" to mean "after 10PM" (especially considering that this is the guy who normally goes to be around 2 or 3AM).

Unfortunately, as I was on my way to dinner (around 6), Y called and was all "Do you think you'll be ready to go around 7?"

And I was all, "Um. No, because I'm meeting Jerry for dinner. You said we weren't leaving until 'late'."

Thus, it was decided that we would leave Friday morning. Which we did.

About an hour outside of NYC, Y's friend called and said, "Um. Yeah. Oops. You can't stay with me. Sorry."

Great. We were going to be spending the night in the gutter. Fantastic.

We drove into the Meat-Packing District and had a late lunch at Spice Market [excellent ginger margarita. crappy over-priced food]. Then, we drove up to the Cloisters to meet Y's friends, R & T. We wandered around the Cloisters for a bit, and then headed to the New Leaf Cafe (in Fort Tryon Park) for blackberry margaritas! Yum!

Then, R&T went home, and Y and I drove into Mid-Town to go to a fireworks viewing party. It was fun. The fireworks were beautiful. The weather was a bit crapola. We left the party around 10:30. I was v. tired (I know, I'm boring). So, Y and I, with no place to rest our weary heads, wandered the streets of Manhattan all night.

Ha. I kid. I kid. We actually drove 1.5 hours into upstate NY to stay with R&T. The next morning, we left to meet Jake (who, YAY!, let us crash on his floor Saturday night) and David at Prospect Park in teh Brooklyn.

We were a little late.

You can read all about our exciting Saturday adventures on David's blog. Here. SuperFun times, kittens. David is even more fabulous in person. Srsly. And he knows good restaurants! YAY!

Picking up where David left off, Jake, Y, and I headed back to Jake's condo, with a stop over at a tiny little neighborhood gay bar. It was totes cute. But, the drinks were tres bad. I ordered a rum and coke, which was more like a RUM!!! and coke. *cough* I couldn't even drink it all. And, if VUBOQ can't finish a drink, you know it must have been bad.

The next morning, the three of us headed to an Italian(?) restaurant for brunch. I had a frittata with aspargus and mushrooms and the 2nd most delicious Bloody Mary EVER. Then, we ordered a fantastic dessert, citrus sponge cake with plum vanilla marmalade. OMG. Delicious.

After dropping Jake off back at his condo, we hit the road, with a pitstop in Princeton to visit a couple Y knows who are moving to Israel in the next few months.

We finally got back to my place around 9PM.

The End.

I hope everyone had a Safe and Happy 4th. Now, I'm off to catch up on the 8 Gabillion Blog Posts I didn't read over the holiday.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Wow -- You let alcohol go to waste? That is shocking. Coincidentally, I recently had a daiquiri made with rum that was so potent that I couldn't drink it either. Maybe the rum batch this year is extra strong?

  2. Still Bossy's beating heart: Vuboq and David in the same place, same time.

  3. i'm happy to report, i only got a few 2nd degree burns from the awesome combination of alcohol and gunpowder!

  4. It was great to meet you and Y. You had MORE Italian food on Sunday? Oh and we both forgot to mention the Prickly Pear Margarita!

  5. I want a blackberry margarita. And I wouldn't even mind a RUM!!! and blackberry. (Not a cola fan, I've come to find out in the past year.) Mmmmmmm. Berries and liquor. Oh! And huckleberry season is only a couple months away. Huckleberries will be infused this year.