Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meat-Free Tuesday: I Am Me

This food? I cooked it last night.
This picture? I took it myself.
This blog? I write it myself.

These are my words, my thoughts, my ideas, my hopes and dreams, my tears, my own private drama*.

I wanted to clear that up. I am me. The words are my own.

Because I am honest about my life (or, at least, as honest as I can be), I tend to believe what other people write is an honest representation as well**. It's a little shocking and a lot hurtful when I find out I've been misled. (See Dykewife's post here - You'll need to scroll down to the entry titled "Cry, Thief"- and the victim's original post here.)

But, I move on ... to write about my food, my booze, and my dreams.

Last night, I made, what I like to call, Refrigerator Pasta, which consists of whatever food I can find in my fridge that I think will be yummy tossed with pasta.

So, I diced a bunch of grape tomatoes, some black olives, scallions, and Bulgarian Feta and mixed it with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and basil and oregano from the garden. See:

Well, hello, Chef's Little Helper!

Then, I stirred in the spaghetti and voila! dinner! It was delicious. Srsly. Chef's Little Helper was a Margaritatini, which, I suppose, is a shorter way of saying, "I didn't feel like pouring it into a margarita glass."

Who knew that margaritas were so easy to make? 2 oz. tequila, 1/2 oz. of triple sec, juice of half a lime. Shake over ice. I topped mine off with a little bit of Lemon Italian Soda to make it fizzy. Yum.

While all that cooking was going on, I also started my Thai Basil Vodka Infusion. No pictures because, um, well, it's just not pretty. The basil leaves are going all gross and slimy looking. I figure it should be infused by this evening (tomorrow morning at the latest). I'll take a picture of the final product. Promise.

Have I mentioned my parents are visiting this weekend? GAH! More on that later.

For now, I must work on a few more guvmint KSAs. The impending unemployment nears ... and it's getting me a bit stressed out. Stay tuned for the Send Gin to VUBOQ button.


*Which I choose to make public. That seems so weird, if I think about it too much.
**Unless, of course, they state otherwise ...


  1. Dykewife's link isn't working, and that other thing? Shame on Cooper/Nico. You going to take him off your linky luv?

  2. Thanks, Pacalaga. Dykewife's link is fixed now (but if she posts again, you may have to scroll down a bit to see the post titled "Cry, Thief").

    I guess I do need to update my linkyluv list, huh?

  3. my refrigerator pasta wouldn't be very good...

    frozen blueberry waffles, mustard, onion, orange, butter and eggs. mmmm

  4. Wow -- I had no idea about this.

  5. Hey, can I come over for supper? That looks gooood. I think I'd feel much less victimized if I had that in mah belly. :)

    Everyone he/she had gathered around that space seems so lovely and kind, and I'm sorry to have been the source, if not the fault, of this news.

  6. I had a housemate once who would have totally pulled a stunt like that. Frustrating though it may be, it's still a little sad to see the depths to which people will sink.

    Interestingly, I've seen no mention of it yet from

  7. I am totally pleased to announce that I always thought Cooper was full of shit!

    I mean, I'm sorry people got their feelings hurt, but I always thought he was a wannabe.

    (I'm only crowing about this because I'm always the gullible one. Always.)