Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frustration, Thy Name is DC Department of Human Resources

Good Forkin' Mornin', Kittens.

I decided to hit the ground running this morning by typing in my application for a pretty cool-sounding job with DC government (actually, DC National Guard). I've been working on the stupid KSAs for weeks (and still haven't figured out how to answer one of them). However, I thought that, if I started working on the application directly, the writing juices would begin to flow. They did. I was making good progress.

Then, I made a fatal mistake: I saved my work.

Yeah, yeah. I know. You're supposed to save your work. That shouldn't be a mistake.

Except that for some reason, when I opened the newly saved file, it was BLANK, not the nearly complete form I had been working so diligently on for the past 1.5 hours. Yippee. And, then, when I went back to the DC site, my form there had disappeared. Gone. Ka-PUT. I hit refresh and, guess what?

Yep. It was BLANK too.

To quote one of my favorite lines from To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar:

What in gay hell?

I'm not quite sure what that means, but it seemed appropriate.

So, rather than start typing all over again, I emailed my friend who told me about the job to see if it's even still open (because, who knows, with the way the website is working, the job may have closed a month ago).

And, that's been my morning. Yayz.

More later. *smooches*


  1. That exact same happened to me in college, VUBOQ. I diligently worked on a 5 or 10 page paper the day before it was due. I saved a blank screen on top of my work with 12 hours to spare. Ugh! After 15 minutes, the panic attack subsides and I re-wrote my paper. Of course, the second paper wasn't a good as the first, but I still got a decent grade.

  2. You probably remember most of the things you wrote or the ideas and thoughts behind it. So you will be fine. I hope that job is still available. Good luck!

  3. anne marie in philly12:16 PM

    sounds like VUBOQ needs a drinky-poo already (and it's only noontime!)!


  4. Man, I hate days like that. Hope it gets better.