Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Winnarz and Other Stuff

Good Morning, Kittens.

The voting for the winners of the VUBOQ-inspired contest closed a few moments ago. I'm sure you are all breathlessly waiting to learn which wonderful entry took the prize in the Battle of the Beltway Babes...

May I have a drum roll, please?

[drum roll]

Congratulations, Shallow Gal! You are the first place winner. And, here's your prize:

[Yes, I'm assuming you want the Prize Package which includes the jelly bean pooping reindeer. ]

The second prize goes to Ellen:

Both entries were seriously fabulous. Srsly. I don't know how those of you who voted could make a decision. Beltway Babes, maybe we can get together for a Happy Hour soon and I can personally deliver your prize packages? Email me: environy (at) gmail (dot) com and we can coordinate!

In other exciting news, pottery class was an exercise in non-productivity. All I did was trimming. And two things I've made weren't even ready to trim. So, I trimmed a vase, which I've turned into a flower pot (meaning I carved a small hole in the bottom), and I trimmed the canister. The lid actually fits! Sort of ... It's a little loose, but the instructor says that once it is glazed it will be a tighter fit. YAYZ. I forgot to take photos, so you'll have to wait until everything is glazed in a few weeks.

So far, I have made: 2 mugs (waiting for bisque firing), one vase (waiting for bisque firing), one flower pot (waiting for bisque firing), one canister (waiting for bisque firing), and two serving dishes (waiting to be trimmed).

I need to get busy and start cranking out some more stuff ... with lids!

More later. *smooches*


  1. SG was waiting for Ellen's concession speech but I'll accept this honor now anyway.

    I'd like to thank my parents for fucking me up enough to be ShallowGal. I' like to thank my kids for eating lunchables for dinner while I blog. And I'd like to thank G-d and all the people of the Americas and the Iraqs and so forth and so on.

    Lunch might be easier for me, especially while you're still in Alexandria. (Plus that way if you really aren't gay, my husband won't get all upset cause it's just lunch)

    xoxo, SG

  2. Suddenly, VUBOQ thinks that ShallowGal has confused him with some other "gay" dude, because the Real VUBOQ isn't in Alexandria (but Silver Spring, which is close, right?).

    Lunch works for me, but it will have to wait until August, when VUBOQ becomes Fashionably Unemployed (it's all the rage this year!).

  3. WOOT! I am back from my vacay to dial up land so I can see that I was a big winner!

    I am up for meeting anywhere/time - pretty much - since it's summer and I am unemployed!

    Perhaps a meeting at the National Gallery on a weekday (one of my favorite things to do in summer). Happy hour also sounds good - because I am a lush. And...ahem....I've never had a real martini (just a Cosmo).

  4. Sounds like a fun party!
    Uh, I didn't enter OR win the contest, but I AM Fashionably Unemployed. I feel such a kinship..