Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Food Time, Kittens

Good Morning, Sugar Muffins!

After all of the excitement at work yesterday*, experimental cooking at home proved to be SuperRelaxing!

First, I made the Raspberry-Lime Vodka Infusion, using about a pint of raspberries and 2 sliced limes. See:

Raspberry Lime Vodka Infusion

It seems to be infusing quickly and should be done in a few days. Hopefully, it will be delicious.

Then, I cooked dinner. First, I made a slightly modified version of this soup from epicurious: Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup. It was super easy. I omitted the coriander** and the 1/2 cup of ice***. As the soup was chilling, I boiled some linguini and tossed it with butter, olive oil and herbs from the garden, rosemary, basil, and oregano.

Ta da!

Cucumber Avocado Soup
Well, hello, Chef's Little Helper, tequila with lemon soda.

The soup was creamy and delicious, although a bit on the tart side. I believe I may have added too much yogurt. Next time, I may blend up a chili pepper with it to see what that does (other than make it spicy).

In other news, no one seems to be able to guess what is going to happen as the end of pottery class approacheth, so I'll give you a hint: It starts with a C and ends with -alicious. Let the rampant speculations BEGIN!

More later. *smooches*

*Haha! Who am I kidding? There was no excitement at work yesterday.
**For one, I didn't have any. And, for two, I can never remember if coriander and cilantro are the same thing or not. And, for three, I wasn't in the mood for something cilantro-flavored.
***Simply because adding ice seemed weird.


  1. Coriander is what happens to Cilantro as it begins to flower.

    Bossy is so totally inspired by your soup, it looks absolutely Cah-licious.

  2. The end of pottery class will live you so depressed that you will end up with a problem with blow, thus thinking it is cokealicious?

  3. Wikipedia says coriander is the seeds and cilantro is the leaves. (I blame Wikipedia for the grammar of the previous sentence.)
    That soup looks fantastalicious. I have no C words to contribute.

  4. anne marie in philly5:21 PM

    "sugar muffins"? LOL

    I STILL wish I lived closer to you so that we could hang make the best food and drinks I have ever seen. and you knit! and you have a cat! now, I don't cook, but I do knit and have 2 cats...


  5. Coriander is pretty good in small quantities. Cilantro is nasty. The end.

  6. That infusion looks like dessert, as is. Oooooo. So pretty. So crockalicious. Or crockedalicious.

  7. ok well, everyone already informed you that coriander is the seed of cilantro.

    i'm a major martha wannabe so if you ever have cooking questions, feel free to ask biddy!

  8. WOW, that looks WONDERBAR!

  9. Your din-din is gorgeous.