Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Soup that Came in from the Cold

It's time. You've read the hints:

Hint #1
Hint #2

You've made the guesses.

And, now, it's time for the Big Summertime Contest Announcement.

It's a Cold Soup Contest!
Perfect for Summer!
Delicious! Refreshing! All Natural!

What must you do? Very easy:

Send VUBOQ a Vegetarian Cold Soup Recipe and Photo that you either (a) created yourself or (b) modified from an already published version.

VUBOQ (and a crack team of Cold Soup Experts) will review the recipes and choose the top 3.

VUBOQ will make each of the 3 Finalist Soups and determine which one is the

Summertime Cold Soup Champion!!!

VUBOQ loves this contest idea so very much, because (1) he loves the cold soups in summer and (2) it encourages something that he holds very near and dear to his heart:

Creative, Experimental Vegetarian Cooking!


1. All recipes and a photo of the finished product must be EMAILED to VUBOQ at environy(at)gmail(dot)com by midnight August 15, 2008.

2. All recipes must be OVO-LACTO VEGETARIAN or stricter (no meat, no fish. Dairy/eggs are OK).

3. If you are modifying an already published recipe, you must send both the original recipe and your modified version.

4. Bonus points will be given to people who make their recipe using 100% locally grown ingredients.

5. If you live in a funky midwestern town, you may ask for help from any SuperFantastic Cuzins who live nearby.

There will be prizes! Those prizes could be VUBOQ-made Pottery.

Any questions?



  1. If I put booze and ice and stuff in a blender, is that "soup"?

  2. goblinbox: We're going to use the Merriam-Webster definition: 1 : a liquid food especially with a meat, fish, or vegetable stock as a base and often containing pieces of solid food

  3. Oh. Okay then.

    *shuffles off dejectedly*

  4. Not Just a Mom5:06 PM

    I thought I'd better check out ShallowGal's online BFF and make sure things are on the up and up here. It's not looking good :P.

    Anyway, I'll leave the recipes to SG. I have no doubt that she will come up with the most wonderful ovo lacto vegetarian cold soup recipe ever. In fact, I'll wager she has a cookbook on just that subject!

  5. Yes, Not Just a Mom is correct. I will DOMINATE in this contest and win a canister to store my pooping plastic animal collection.

    xoxo, SG

  6. Zomg. I may have to enter this.

  7. I wouldn't even know where to begin.