Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello, I'm Mr. Productive

And, you may worship me ... from a respectful distance.

Or you could just give me lots of money and/or gin.

ANYWAY, thus far today, I have:

1. Completed the horrible essay question for the government job AND faxed my transcript to HR.*

2. Called the investment company which manages my 401(k) to find out how to roll my funds over to a personal 401(k) once the impending unemployment occurs.

3. Decided what I'm making for dinner tonight: Vegetarian Fried Tofu with Garlic and Black Pepper and Spicy Sesame Noodles with Chopped Peanuts and Thai Basil.

4. Made a sandwich and an iced coffee.

OMG. I'm exhausted. I should take the rest of the day off!

BUT, before I do, here is another hint about the rapidly approaching New VUBOQ Contest:

The first hint is here.

Allrightythen, guess that's it. *smooches*

*The chances of me actually getting this job (even though I am highly qualified) are relatively nil. The position was announced on 7/22 and closes on 7/25. Such a short announcement period usually means they already have someone in mind. But, I thought, "What the Hell? Let's see what happens."


  1. I wanted to take a nap just reading about all the things that you have done.

  2. anne marie in philly5:34 PM

    it's a cold soup, like something made with fruit...

  3. guess what the cold soup is?

  4. I want a lavender fridge! Is that the prize??

  5. What soup can we make from stuff in our refrigerator?

  6. you have NO IDEA how bad i want the pink appliances from Big Chill! they would match my pink kitchenaid mixer perfectly and look oh so cute in my apple green kitchen! le sigh...

    so, it must be a gazpacho contest...

  7. Me too, I applied for my dream government job. It was a 48 hour posting. I hope we at least get an interview.

  8. Dude, how many times I got to tell you: SOY MAKES YOU GAY.