Thursday, July 31, 2008

"This Is It!"

Good morning, kittens!

It's my last "Good morning, kittens!" from this computer, cubicle, office, building, street ... Doesn't that make you a little misty? *sniff*

It's OK, kittens. Let it out.

Meanwhile, I'm whooping and whollering on the inside.

So far this morning, I have updated my resumes (changing everything to past tense), printed several copies, signed my final timesheet, and had not quite enough coffee. It's free! Enjoy it while it lasts! Even though it is the crappiest coffee known to man (well except for a certain person I follow on twitter, who sometimes tweets about the nastiness that is Blueberry Coffee).


My plans for the day include cleaning out the remainder of crap in my desk, meeting SCGB for lunch at Adega, surfing the internet, and then going to our final happy hour! With Tequila Shots for All! YAYZ!

Last night, I didn't do much of anything except watch Project Runway (liked the judges' decision) and Shear Genius (was very disappointed with the results of the Charlie's Angels challenge).

Now, scroll down to the next post and read about the NEW EXCITING SUMMERTIME CONTEST!!! Make soup! Win pottery!

More later. *smooches*


  1. I was not amused by the failure of the Charlie's Angels challenge. Then again, most of the stylists weren't even alive when that show was on the air.

    Good luck with the last day!

  2. I'd totally go for the contest, but I already have too many knick-knacks.


  3. Given that I live in Blueberryland, I'll weigh in on the matter of blueberry coffee. Though not generally my first choice of beverage, as long as the coffee base is solid, I have no problem drinking it. If the blueberry is used to try to cover up crap-ass coffee, though, that's a different story.

    I do like blueberry ale, though.

  4. mel stay tuned for vuboq's blueberry-infused gin post ;-)