Friday, July 11, 2008

T to the G to the IF!

Good afternoon, kittens.

After a morning filled with yummy breakfast, coffee, and a *smidge* of teh hot buttsecks, I'm at the office and ready to take on the day! *w00t!*

I don't have any big plans for this evening, other than cleancleancleaning the house and watching a movie or two. Then, tomorrow, SuperEarly in the morning is our Co-Op Yardwork Day. YayZ. After that, I'll run to the store and pick up the ingredients for the liquid cheese, the margaritas, and (possibly) pupusas. Around 3PM, the Saturday Afternoon Margaritas revellers will begin to arrive. Many margaritas will be drunk. And, Xanadu will be watched. Huzzah!

No plans for Sunday yet (other than recover from the Margarita Event of the Season).

Have a good weekend. *smooches*


  1. anne marie in philly5:18 PM

    margaritas will be drunk, men will be used, show tunes will be sung.

    I am jealous; wish I lived closer.

    have a great time and we want to see pix on monday!

  2. Omigosh--I *totally* saw you today! You came into my pharmacy. Only you were married to a lovely young woman. And you had a *gorgeous* 8 month old daughter. But it was totally you. Visiting on the left coast. I swear it!

  3. le sigh...

    teh hott buttsecks, a clean house, xanadu and margaritas?

    you, my dear, are living the good life