Monday, July 21, 2008

This. That. The Other

I was planning to spend my afternoon randomly applying for federal government jobs on USAJOBS. When I logged in the little screen instructed me to change my password to something between 8-20 characters with at least one character being capitalized, one being a number, and one being a symbol, like ! or ~ or ^. So I did. I felt like I was typing in some sort of weird l33t sp3ak!*&! I can haz txtmsgs?

I hit enter and *pow* *bang*


myUSAJOBS sort of went all blank and sh!t. Thus, rather than search for jobs or do actual work (yes, I have about a gabillzillion email to proofread), I read blogs. Oooh. Fun.

I stopped by Why I Hate DC, And, guess what? There seems to be a new Hater in charge. I used to be a regular WIHDC reader before Rusty took over a few years ago and filled the blog with too much baseball, guitar hero, and Late Night Shots. That, coupled with infrequent posts, pretty much killed my interest. The new girl has a quirky writing style which could prove to be fun. I'll be reading it more frequently to see if it continues.

The Rusted One, before he moved, linked to his parting interview on the Washingtonian site. I learned that I'm not the only one who thinks that Wonkette has gone from being a fun, snarky political blog to being a big ol' pile of barf. What a relief.

Then, I received an email from someone in HR about my exit interview:

"I have been notified that you will be separating from the company on Thursday, July 31, 2008."

What an odd turn of passive voice phrasing. Anyway, the guy scheduled my phone exit interview for next Wednesday. And asked me to call him. Um. What? He's representing the company which is letting me go and I have to call him ... at his convenience ... so he can tell me all about it? So weird. It makes me wonder if that's standard practice. I guess he will be sitting by his desk eagerly awaiting my call. I know I can't wait to make it.

Because, srsly, I am *so* ready to go.

Except, of course, for the whole being-unemployed-having-no-money thing.

If the unemployment stretches past a month or two, I'm considering adding a "Buy VUBOQ a Fifth of Gin" button on my sidebar. Does anyone know how to do that? Would you be willing to buy VUBOQ a fifth of gin? Seagrams is on sale. Right now. At the likker store beside my office. Only $7.99!

You know how VUBOQ loves teh gin, right?

He might even send you a pot in gratitude ... assuming he can afford to take the pottery class (maybe that should be a button too?).

Hey. I'm like totally switching between 1st and 3rd person. Isn't that COOL?

Wow. Total ADD Blog Post.

Later, kittens. *smooches*


  1. Sweetheart, I will always buy your pots and pay you in gin. And the day I finally choose between first and third person, well, it will be the happiest day of ShallowGal's life.

    xoxo, Amy

  2. You could just do a generic Paypal button. I'm not sure the likker store is likely to have an "add a likker-buying button to your blog" option. But maybe they should.

  3. Maybe you could start your own company that provides liquor for the needy.

  4. I have a great one of those passwords that has numbers and capitals and quirky characters. I'd share it with you but then you might be able to break into my email account from my work, like, three jobs ago.

    (Oh, hurray! I finally got a real word in word verification: wipkis!)

  5. Wow, the end of July is marching up fast here, isn't it.
    What is the deal with exit interviews? I mean, why? Who gets, who gives info in these meetings? I don't understand. But I had a lot of sangria tonight, and my understanding is a bit shaky now.
    Pssssst, EarlCootie! What does "skiglix" mean? Because I think it's a real word too.