Thursday, July 31, 2008

Someone is a LIttle Durnk at Work

I met SCGB for lunch at Adega (also know as Only Me's favorite restaurant).

I ordered the portabello mushroom sandwich, eggplant fries, and a glass of the house cabernet. The owner handed me my glass of wine and said, "It's on the house."

aw. *sniff* I luv Adega.

Later, SCGB and I decided we wanted another round of wine. He went up to order it. SCGB told the owner that it was my last day of work and GUESS WHAT?

The second glass was free, too! The owner said, "with my condolences."

Wasn't that sweet?

SEE? Sometimes it pays to go to certain restaurants all. the. forking. time.

Of course, now I'm a little tipsy. At work. Drinking coffee. Hoping I'll sober up in time for the office happy hour tequila shots.



  1. Hooray for wine with lunch. Happy last day at the office!

  2. Free wine...woo-hoo!!
    It almost makes the whole unemployment thing worthwhile.

    Now sober up, you have more drinking to do.

  3. Hey, it's not like they're gonna fire you or anything.

  4. A little tipsy on the last day of work? No big deal! Just warming up for the cocktail hour.

    Be safe, silly.