Thursday, November 02, 2006

There's a Bright Golden Haze on the Meadow

Last night, Mike, Tomoko, and Robert came over to help finish off party food and booze. They hardly ate and drank ANYTHING! I can't believe it. I *still* have loads of food. At least a good time was had by all.

Mike mentioned that he wants to do the weekend trip to West Virginia on the weekend before Thanksgiving. I told him I would be unable to go. It's mostly financial - London was expensive. Glasgow was expensive. And, I'm going to NYC next weekend. So, it *is* mostly financial, but it's also partly that I'm still carrying a match for him and a weekend away with him and his friends would not be a whole lot of fun.

He's also hosting a Thanksgiving potluck dinner. He wants it to be traditional. I can't remember the last time I had a "traditional" Thanksgiving. Last year, I think John and I had take out Chinese. The year before, I was in Thailand for Thanksgiving. 2003 was the All-Pie Thanksgiving. And for several years before that, I hosted Thai Curry Thanksgiving for my friends. So, maybe, the Thanksgiving of 1999 was my last traditional one?

I figure if I go to the Thanksgiving potluck, maybe I can take broccoli and cheese casserole and sweet potato casserole (y'know, the kind that uses pineapple and has mini marshmallows on the top?). Both of those are easy to prepare and don't take long to bake. Since I don't have an oven, I would have to use Mike's.

As I thought about the casseroles, I thought about traditional Thanksgivings in general. Since my mother is from Massachusetts and my father is from North Carolina, our Thanksgiving dinners tended to be blends of both traditions. Now, I'm not sure which food comes from which region. I mean, some, like oyster stuffing, are obviously from the North. And, I think the mini marshmallow bedecked sweet potato casserole is more than likely Southern [I could be wrong. Would anyone like to correct me on that one?]. But, what about cranberry apple casserole? I have no idea.

And, for the record, here a list of Thanksgiving foods I don't particularly care for:

-pickled beets
-actually anything with beets
-mashed turnips
-actually anything with turnips
-those little nasty pearl onions [unless they are swimming in gin. which at my parents' house, they aren't]
-mashed winter squash (especially blue hubbard)
-that really gross green bean casserole with the fried onion bits on top

Hm. I think that's it.


  1. London is insanely expensive, I've traveled most of Western Europe and there is not a city like it. I think it's partially the strength of the Pound but still. I mean it cost us the equivanelnt of $30 each to get nasty chinese take away.

    Your Sweet Potato casserole sounds heavenly!

    I think Turnips are one of my most favorite veggies.


  2. yikes did I butcher equivalent much in my last comment or what?

  3. Cooper2:43 PM

    Could you please post your recipe for the sweet potato casserole with the mini marshmallows? I tried making it once but it just didn't turn out quite right. Oh, and the cranberry apple thing sounds really good too.

  4. I grew up in South Louisiana and we had oyster stuffing, so I don't know that it's strictly Northern. And I agree with Cooper, please post the sweet potato recipe!

  5. I don't like sweet foods unless they're dessert. Like, sweet potatoes. Or yams, or any of that crap. I do eat that nasty green bean casserole, though.

    Mostly I focus on the relish trays. Olives, cheeses, stuff like that.