Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Disaster. It Strikes.

Jake's Reign of Terror over the electronic devices in my apartment continues unabated. Some of you may remember that two weekends ago, Jake visited and destroyed my (practically) brand new CD player.

His aura of destruction and devastation continues to run unchecked in my apartment. Last night, my television died. It does this weird thing now: Whenever I turn the TV on, the screen comes on. However, after a few minutes, the TV clicks off. And clicks repeatedly, like it is trying to turn on by itself, but it keeps turning itself off before it can. The clicking doesn't stop until I unplug and replug the TV.

I don't remember how old my TV is. It's quite possible that it is over 10 years old. So, I guess its time had come. *sigh* So sad.

I will have to get a new TV, as soon as I pull all that money out of my ass. Maybe I can convince my parents [and my loyal readers! *heh*] to contribute to a Christmas TV Fund (but early! I need my TV!). I don't need anything huge or overly expensive, because I don't watch TV shows [I don't have cable]. I do watch a lot of DVDs though.

Have you voted yet?


  1. um... i have the power?

    a reverse midas touch.

  2. Sorry to hear about the t.v. woes.

  3. TVs -- especially CRT ones -- are dirt cheap these days.

    A couple weekends of drinking would cover one.

  4. Kill your TV! Yay!

    What you NEED is a LAPTOP at HOME so you can communicate with ME MORE OFTEN.

  5. Live like a rock star and lob it outta the window...