Thursday, November 30, 2006

VUBOQ Gets Thinky

and gets fewest hits in WEEKS.

From now on, I am only going to blog about non-Thinky matters ...

Earlier today, I dumped my lunch on the floor. It was an accident. I only dump other people's lunches on the floor on purpose. Instead of yummy avocado sushi rolls, I ate a bag of potato chips - Kettle Chips Buffalo Bleu [barbeque and blue cheese]. They were tres yummy. I almost bought the other new Kettle Chips flavor, Mediterranean Three Cheese, as well, but decided to save those for another day when I [accidentally] dump my lunch all over the floor again.

Now, after consuming nearly the entire bag of chips, I feel I can not justifiably eat an entire bag of microwave popcorn for dinner, as I had planned. I feel like I must eat something *gasp* healthy, like salad. Or something. Maybe an omelet.

Or maybe I'll buy egg nog.

Egg nog is good.
And I'll try not to dump it all over the floor.



  1. I know of an egg-nog bundt cake recipe. Everybody loves a bundt cake.

    Are hits related to thinky matters?

  2. I wrote out a whole comment yesterday, but I always forget that I've switched to Blogger BETA, so when I'm forced to sign in after I've written the comment, I lose the comment I just wrote. This time I remembered to sign in to Beta first.

    I just said (I think) that it was an eloquent call to arms. Oh, and I said "hear hear!"