Friday, November 17, 2006

Knitten Update!

All I have left to do on my Dad's Xmas Knittens is the right thumb (and who really needs that anyway?)! I'm practically finished! Only 8 GABILLION more knittens to make before Xmas! WOOT!

I'll snap a photo when I finish the thumb. You will be amazed at my knitting prowess. Seriously. I rock.

Moving on ...

Apparently, my resume is not all that impressive. I never heard from the job I applied for on the 6th. *sigh* Maybe I need to consider a new field ... like heating and air conditioning repair ... or maybe I'll start playing my alto sax again and join a jazz band ... or there is always Cirque du Soleil tryouts.

I feel like my life is mostly "in place" ... except for having a job that I *love* ... hell, or even having a job that I *like*

le sigh.

btw, this year's Beaujolais nouveau didn't taste as yeasty as it did last year. It was quite nice, actually.

more later. *smooch*


  1. i need to knit some mittens.

  2. mittens! yes you rock.