Thursday, November 02, 2006

I've Resorted to Posting IM Conversations

R: i just ate a butterfinger
R: stress eating
V: mmm. i *heart* butterfinger
R: i devoured it and now i want more
V: and you shall have it!
V: World's Seafood Stock Depleting, Study Says
R: oh no
R: then what
R: we'll have to eat each other
V: yes
R: the return of cannibalism
V: and no one like skinny people
V: not delicious.
R: true, tough and dry
R: too many bones
R: not plump juicy and moist
V: nope
V: not at all
V: have another butterfinger.
R: haha
R: fortunately you can be chopped up and used for stock
R: mmmm, soup
V: yum.
V: i would be ok with that.
R: you're more like veal actually
R: only really really old
V: haha.
V: i h8 u


  1. JFC! that was going to be my entry!