Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nobody Likes Me. Everybody Hates Me.

Think I'll go eat worms ...

I. have. been. rejected.
I sent an email to 6 friends this morning asking if they'd like to do happy hour tonight.

EVERYONE said no. NO!
How could they?
How could they abandon me in my happy hour of need?

This is why people ... ok, me ... end up drinking alone.

So, I guess I'll go home, make a cocktail [*heh* "cock" *heh* "tail"], and pack and knit and maybe watch some TV ... if the miraculously working TV is still miraculously working [Praise, Saint Charo, the Patron Saint of Guest Spots, hallowed be her name].


  1. Drinking with other people means talking. That just slows down the drinking.

  2. Okay, eewh, was that picture really necessary?!

  3. lol to Anthony :)

    Sorry you were rejected, I've been drinking too much lately myself, and drinking alone is depressing (for me anyway).