Monday, November 20, 2006

Short Week. *woot*

I have some work I need to get done this morning, so here's quick rundown of my weekend with more coming laterz:

Friday. Happy hour with Robert and Jerry. Fun. Dinner, too. Also fun.
Saturday. Knitting all day. Finished Dad's mittens and half of one more mitten. [Photos eventually forthcoming]
Saturday night. Pizza/Beer/Games Party at Mike's. Fun. Drank too much. Home at 2.
Sunday. Slept until 10. Finished one more mitten. Went for a wander in DC. Ended up at Mike's watching movies and eating leftover pizza. And, no, there was no "watching movies."

Must answer work email now.



  1. bala wala shi: My only plan so far is to go to a Thanksgiving Potluck at Mike's. Hopefully, I'll come up with other stuff to do ...