Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't Be Silenced


I showed up at the polls this morning around 7:45. The line wasn't too long. I saw my company's former receptionist voting. I guess I waited about 15 minutes (or 3 Madonna songs).

The electronic voting machine was easy enough to use. I only wish that the ones we used printed out a paper receipt of some sort.

Oh, I also ran into one of my neighbors who was working the polls. She tried to convince me to vote for the Green Party candidate for senate. As if! Seriously, if the race weren't so close I probably would throw that vote away on the Green candidate. But only about 3 percentage points separated Cardin and Steele (with a 4 point margin of error).

On my walk to the polling site, I started to think about my foreign language ability. I used to be semi-fluent in Japanese and I could speak a smattering of Mandarin (enough to order in a restaurant and get on and off the bus in the right spots). I haven't used either language in AGES and the fact that I'm rapidly forgetting it all is a little disheartening.

I decided that I need to find a Japanese boyfriend. That way, I'll have someone I can speak Japanese to all the time :-) Yay! Anyone know any available Japanese guys? Hm???


In other news, last night, I finished a hat. OMGWTFBBQ!!!11one, it is so f-ing cute. GAH. I can't stand it. And, no you can't see a photo because it's a Christmas present. Unless I decide to keep it. *heh*

I started to read the instructions out of Stitch n' Bitch on how to use dpns and got all confused. What the heck does "slip the stitches off the needle purlwise" mean? GAH. So, I started knitting the test swatch gauge thingy. Got bored and decided to finish reading The Eyre Affair, which was a lot fun. You should read it. Now.

I'll finish the test swatch tonight. Hopefully, my gauge will be fine and I can wrestle with the dpns for awhile. Fun times. Fun times.

Meanwhile, I'm heading up to NYC this weekend. Anyone have any good ideas on things to do? See?

Oh. and for Meat-Free Monday, I had leftover couscous salad and cheese and crackers.



  1. I'll find the T-shirt and bring it back from Japan for you. Or I'll find a cute Japanese boy and bring him back from Japan for you.

  2. Um, trying to convince someone to vote a certain way at a poll is illegal. Possibly a felony. And for a poll worker to do it... that's a capital offense.

    Okay kidding about the last part. But really...

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Yay for voting! (This was my first time). And Sammit speaks Japanese - and he's semi available.

  4. > Anyone know any available Japanese guys?

    Me! Me! Me! I know! Shigeki!

    > What the heck does "slip the stitches off the needle purlwise" mean?

    It means to put your right needle through the stitch on your left needle as if to purl. In other words, right-to-left. (If you were to slip stitches knitwise, you'd put your right needle through the stitch the other direction, as if to knit. You do this without actually working the stitch; you just slip it off the working needle and onto the worked needle; the knitwise or purlwise instruction is to make sure that the stitch is twisted a certain way.)

    > Meanwhile, I'm heading up to NYC this weekend.

    I hate you. TAKE ME.