Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Big Debate

Two debates are currently vying for prominence in my head this morning:

1. Will the Democratic takeover of both Houses of Congress result in progress or 2 years of gridlock?


2. Should I take the new black Kenneth Cole shoes which hurt my feet to New York City [Did you know I was going to NYC this weekend?] or should I only take the cute brown boots?



I've bought my train tickets. I know, I should take the bus. It's A LOT cheaper, but it's the bus. It's cramped. It's crowded. It's a bus. Smelly. Dirty. Ick. Whereas, the train is more expensive, but it's the train - romantic, comfortable, smooth ... *sigh* I should be an ad for AmTrak.

I have also located the hotel on a map! Yay! And, found a funky little knitting/ coffee shop in the East Village (I think) where I can hang out makin' mittens, knittin' knittens, until I can check into the hotel around 4ish. Thanks to Bala Wala Shi for the knitting shop info!!!

Now, all I need to do is find a fun, chill bar where we can all hang out on Friday evening and a fun dance club where we can all go dancing on Saturday night! Anyone? Anyone? BWS suggested I pick up a Time Out New York, which I will do upon arrival in the Big City. I am open to other ideas as well...

And, what to do on Saturday after brunch? Hm ...

In other news, last night my TV miraculously started working again. YAY! I am still going to get a new one though, because I believe that it's just being temperamental until it decides to explode or something. Anyway, so last night, I watched Garcon Stupide, which was ... well ... not all that interesting, 'cept the star was cute and frequently nekkid. I, then, put in King Kong (the new version, which I saw in the theater with John). I liked that movie. It was big. And silly. And has SuperMcDreamy Adrien Brody in it. *sigh* He should marry me.

I did laundry. I drank beer. I watched DVDs. I knitted. I ate leftovers for dinner. And, that was my evening. Fun times, yo.

Tonight, I kind of want to go out for happy hour, but I don't think anyone will be able to. I'll probably send out an email just to see ... Then, I will pack. Going to NYC. Have to look cute and stylish (if that's even possible on my part).



  1. And texting me. You also texted me last night, 'member?!

  2. You should leave the painful shoes behind. You don't want blisters to be your main souvenir. ;)

  3. Thom and I once took the bus from D.C. to New York, and swore, never again. The train is so worth it. Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymous6:49 PM

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