Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Trees They Are a Changin'

At the heart of the chlorophyll molecule lies the element magnesium (Mg). As the days get shorter, chlorophyll breaks down, the magnesium is reabsorbed, and the brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds of the carotenoids shine through. At least for a few weeks, until the leaves die and flutter to the ground.

This is the time of year I love ... and hate. The bright colors of the trees make me happy. But, they also remind me of death and the long, dark cold that is right around the corner.

It's almost been a year since my uncle died from a massive heart attack while harvesting cranberries in a Massachusetts bog. I was in Las Vegas with John and had to change my ticket to fly to Boston (actually, I think I flew into Providence). The night after the funeral I had the worst food poisoning (or something) ever. Somehow, I made it onto the plane and home.

There is death. There is no promise of rebirth, but I know it will come. It will come as surely as the crocus pokes through the snow, as surely as the robins will return, as surely as brilliant green leaves will return to the trees.

There is Autumn.

And there are organic, all natural pseudo-Cheetos with 33% less fat which aren't so tasty.


  1. I agree Autumn is both beautiful yet in so many ways depressing.

    those pseudo-cheetos sound nasty.


  2. Yes Autumn is the height of dicotomy.
    TGF would say about those things you're eating, "why bother?". Me, I consider them a compromise.

  3. ah, the romance of magnesium reabsorption. makes me melancholy. there is rebirth you know. just not in the sense that those who fear ceasing to exist have fabricated. you'll breakdown into your component elements. feed the trees. the birds. whatever. and there you are, back in nature (like you ever left). and that electrical current that creates the sensation of consciousness? hmmm, probably just discharges into the air too and dissipates into whatever current conducting agent rests nearby.